July 01, 2012
Emily McDowell

So I've finally managed to make a blog. In fact, I'm finally writing my very first post. I've been wanting to write a blog for quite some time now, but I was always afraid for some reason. And I kept making excuses to delay it. But I'm finally doing it and I couldn't be happier. Of course, the layout or design is not what I want it to be. It's really difficult to come up with something pretty if you have zero knowledge about it but it will manage. For now. This week, I'll be posting a blog post with some things I want to change so people who are willing to, can maybe explain some things to me. Don't forget to check out my snail mail page!

It's my goal to post 3 times a week. That's not very much but it's a good start. For making this easier, I'll be having a weekly thing called 'Motivating Monday' in which I'll be posting my current favorites. I'm really excited to start documenting memories with this blog, I hope you'll enjoy it too.



  1. I read your first post. YAY! :) Don't be scared. Just be yourself and have fun with it.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm sure I'll have fun.


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