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July 27, 2012

Maybe I haven't bought my camera with the only purpose of making cat pictures but I would totally be up for it if I had a lot of money. With my first two paychecks (so from two weeks), I decided to finally buy a decent camera. I usually take a lot of pictures, to the point where it annoys my boyfriend really badly so it was only a normal choice to upgrade to a dslr camera. So I did!

I was browsing on the net for a while for a camera within my budget. The only hard choice was Nikon or Canon since you're kind of stuck with the brand for the rest of your photographing life, right? So the superficial me just decided to pick the prettiest one (for me). And when I was doing so in the store, I realised that I was staring at Canon all the time, for some reason. Even when I found both of the brands equally pretty. So now for the grand proclamation: I bought the Canon 550D. I know some of you probably consider this a little pocket camera but it's a huge improvement for me and I don't actually need more.

The first two were some of the first pictures I took, just fooling around. The first picture is my cat, Laila and I really love this picture, haha (but don't mind the mess). The second one is of my grandma's cat and the third one is an instagram one of me with my beloved new dslr. I have absolutely no idea how to use the settings so I'm just fooling around for a bit and I'm thinking about maybe taking a photography class in the future. But anyway, now I'm just enjoying the wonderful quality of my precious little Canon. I'm even thinking of naming it, that's totally normal, right?

What was your first camera?


  1. I also just upgraded to a dslr, like two weeks ago! I've been having so much fun with it. Oh, and I got a Canon, too. :) I have taken some photography classes before, so I know my way around the settings a bit. I definitely recommend even just an afternoon class to learn how to use it better. Have fun!

    1. Yes I'm totally going to do that, I wanna get the best out of it!

  2. My first camera that was brand-new not hand me down was the one I use now, Panasonic Lumix GF1. I think it's great!
    I also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Just read my post here, it has instructions inside for you :)


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