First days of work

July 03, 2012
In my case, the good thing is money and experience. And I need money for fun things like a new camera and a trip somewhere. Image via Silly grrl
My first two days of work are already over! I'm working for the coming month, so this is just a summerjob. It's temporary. I'm working at the company where my maternal grandmother has been working for several decades now (such a long time, right?).

So Monday was my first day and yep, I was nervous. Because I didn't even knew what my job would consist of! Mondaymorning was kind of boring because I didn't get to do anything for a while, I just had to watch another employee. I'm working at the customerservice of a rather lugubrious company that takes care of people's dead animals. So when someone's animal dies, for example a cows of a farmer, they call us and we (the customerservice) make sure everything is written down so dispatching can send a driver to pick up the animals. Weird, right? I thought it was weird when I heard it for the first time.

After a couple of hours, I had to go through several scanned uhm... pickupnotes to make sure there weren't any mistakes. This is a dull job but you can't let any mistakes go through so it's something that definitely gives you a headache! I was still doing this at the end of the day but not fulltime. In the afternoon, I got to answer calls as well. That's definitely a challenge since you can receive calls in Dutch, French and German! But it went alright, I think. I haven't got a German call yet, though, so I'm curious how that will go...

Then today was a lot of the same, except I learned a few new things. I actually like to take on calls, it's a challenge! And I can practice my French and my German as well because I got my first German phonecall! I thought it was really cool that I understood everything the man said.

I work 8 hours a day, from 8am untill 4.30 pm so that's not too bad. Oh and you know what's really cool? My boyfriend works there too for a month! Ofcourse we don't see each other during the day but we can eat together. I like that.

Did you have any weird summerjobs?



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