July 07, 2012
Yay, I've graduated last week! I'm finally done with high school. I was already so relieved when I was taking my final exams, because I knew they were the last ones. I did have some trouble with geography but I knew I would pass it so there wasn't really a problem.

So wednesday the 27th of June, we had our graduation. It was actually a kind of dull ceremony with boring speeches but I couldn't be more thrilled. There were some pieces of music that were nice though. Some people from our year performed and it was nice to see people you already know, deliver a beautiful piece of music. Then after some time, they started to read our names and we got up to the stage where our class teacher handed out our diplomas. I studied "economics and modern languages" and so I also received a diploma from business management.

After a while, some 'special prizes' were announced. For each subject or group of subjects, a prize was handed out. For example the prize for economics went to the student with the best marks and the best attitude. And I got one as well! You have to know, me and my friend were laughing during the schoolyear about the prizes and we were always making fun about them, even with our teachers about getting one. So because of those jokes, we were kind of sure we wouldn't actually get one. But we did do our best though during the schoolyear. So when they called my name, I was so surprised! I got the one for English and my gift consisted out of two books; Fingersmith by Sarah Waters and a spot of bother by Mark Haddon. So these two books are the first ones on my summer readinglist.

I'm kind of embarassed though to admit it because native English speakers are probably laughing their asses off right now. I dare say I can speak kind of fluently but there's a difference between writing and speaking ofcourse. And I'm probably making a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm sorry for that! But I'm still proud of myself. Not only for the prize but also because I've graduated with a general score of 81% during the year. That's something to be proud of, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm so happy I've graduated and I can't wait for university next year but more about that later. When did you graduate?



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