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July 04, 2012
So as I said, I'm still trying to make my blog prettier. Ofcourse, a blog is about the content but I'm just more comfortable typing in a pretty space. I want my family and friends (and strangers)to be able to enjoy looking at my little space. So what follows is a list of things I'd like to figure out. If you can help me, pretty please shoot me an e-mail or post a comment. I'm trying my best to explain what I mean.

I should warn you, I don't have any knowledge about html or blogging at all. And then I mean ZERO knowledge. I also don't have photoshop etc. I know this might trouble my wishes but I do want to make an effort.

1. How do I include pictures without a frame? When I insert pictures in my posts or my pages, there appears an irritating frame around them. How do I fix this? Found here.

2. About pictures; what's the best way to include pictures in my post? Do I upload them somewhere? What's the HTML code for including one with (sometimes) a caption underneath?
3.  How do you take pictures from a website without printscreening and saving the image yourself? For example from modcloth. I don't know if that's an accepted way; to printscreen and then save an image. (I do link all images!)

If anyone knows how to help me, please do, I would be very grateful!



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