le Petit Me #1

July 19, 2012
I would really hate to lose all of my old pictures of when I was little. I don't when them to get lost in a move, to get in the trash by accident, to be lost under a closet, to be vanished with time. That's why I'll do this feature every month. That's not a lot and I won't get to share even close to all of my pictures but they will be the most precious ones. The ones I couldn't bare to forget about. The ones I want to memorize forever.

Yep, that's me drinking a bottle of beer. Don't worry, it was closed, I just liked to pretend. I have no idea how old I was here but I do know it was during Carnaval, which we have every year in my town. You can see the confetti on the street. So I was dressed up to tag along with a procession of sorts. But I'll tell more about our Carnaval later. I actually like this coat a lot now. I wish I had the grown-up version for hard winters. This picture is not particulary special to me, I just think it's funny.

Another story: when I was about 4 years old, my mom left the house for maybe 3 minutes to go get something at my grandma (we live next door to her) and when she was gone, I went to grab something to drink from the fridge. I took out some lemonade and went back to the couch to watch some television. My mom came back in just when I wanted to take my first sip and she started yelling at me and I remember I was so surprised because I didn't think I did something wrong. Apparantly I grabbed a bottle of Bacardi Breezer (alcohol) which I would've drank completely if she would've been gone for a bit longer. When I remembered this and my mom confirmed, I thought this was absolutely hilarious. It really does look (and even tasts) like lemonade!


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