Motivating Monday #2

July 09, 2012
What's better to start a week than some motivating things? A fancy dress, some nice stationery or some pretty pictures. Motivating Monday is a weekly column filled with things I'm loving at the moment.

Motivating clothes:
Yesterday it was my boyfriend's birthday and today it's my father's birthday! I've been busy looking for presents and for a dress for myself to wear ofcourse ;) I didn't buy this dress but I certainly like it very much. But then again, I love almost everything from Modcloth!
Via Modcloth

Motivating food:
The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is the only foodrelated blog I follow, I think. Some time ago, I was looking for some beautiful cookies and there I've definitely found them. She makes amazing cookie designs and her recipe for basic sugar cookies is delicious, I've already tried it once and I'm going to try it again soon. Here is one of my favorite designs.

Via Sweet Sugarbelle

Motivating accessory:
I'm obsessed by The Hunger Games. For real. Therefore it will be no surprise that I'm in luuuuv with this bracelet. I've been giving my boyfriend not-so-subtle-hints about this.
Via Poshlocket

Motivating song:
This song may seem somewhat dark but I love such songs from time to time. This song in particular sounds so special to me. The instruments, the lyrics, the voice, ... Everything about it makes me want to learn to play music. Oh and the accent isn't so bad either!

Motivating site:
This might be a little weird or nerdy but I've been enjoying this for quite some time now. This site was built for the maker's nephew to learn math and it has expanded to an amazing platform where you can learn almost everything mathrelated. It's nice to 'train' your brain every once in a while.

Via Khan academy


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