Motivating Monday #3

July 16, 2012
What's better to start a week than some motivating things? A fancy dress, some nice stationery or some pretty pictures. Motivating Monday is a weekly column filled with things I'm loving at the moment.

Motivating clothes:
I've only posted dresses so far! The fourteen year old me would've been shocked but I guess they're my favorite piece of clothing at the moment. I'll try to change it up next week ;) For now, I'll leave you with this pretty dress from Shop Ruche. Sometimes all you need is simple and I'm definitely lacking the perfect white dress for the summer.
Via Shop Ruche

Motivating shoes:
Blowfish always has the best collection of shoes. I'm especially liking their wedges like.. all the time. But I haven't ordered anything yet because I'm one of those persons who's a little scared of online ordering. Oh and I don't have the guts for these shoes (the ones I really really want!). I can't get used to the idea of me with high shoes just yet.
Via Blowfish Shoes

Motivating Etsy shop:
Wow. Ain't this shop freaking amazing? A lot of pretty little curiosities that would look beautiful in your home. I would totally spam my house with things like these. Click on the image to go to the shop.

Motivating DIY:
I'm only giving a sneak peek with the image but I definitely want to try this since all the drawers of my desk are really messy. The top of my desk is spotless, because I just shove everything in a shelf... I really need to start cleaning and this will definitely help me.

Via Katiecupcake

Motivating movie:
Nick and Norah's infinite playlist. I watched this movie a few weeks ago and it's really funny. It's lighthearted with nice actors and perfect if you just want to relax. I laughed out loud a couple of times, definitely a plus. Also, you shouldn't watch any trailers (that's why I'm not posting one), just watch the movie. You won't regret it.



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