My life in 25 pictures: part 2

July 22, 2012
I saw this 'little' challenge on a forum and I thought it would be fun to share. The purpose is to show your life in 25 pictures, based on 25 subjects. I did change some of them because the original ones didn't suit me very well. I'm dividing this up into 5 posts so I don't have one giant photoheavy post. The bold ones are the ones I'm doing now and the cursive ones are the ones I already did. (Part 1)

The subjects:

1. Good times
2. My favorite vacationshot
3. Something I’m proud of
4. Someone I love
5. At a party

6. How I really am
7. At a festival
8. My favorite outfit
9. An ugly picture of myself
10. A nice memory
11. A picture of me as a child
12. I didn’t know someone was taking this picture
13. In my house
14. A pretty picture of myself
15. Makes me laugh
16. My favorite animal
17. With someone I admire
18. Someone I'm missing
19. Bad times
20. A friend I don’t see so often anymore
21. Could be published in a magazine
22. A picture of the last classmates I had
23. When I’m eating
24. With a strange hairdo
25. My most recent picture


6. How I really am 
A little nerd with weird faces, reading 'the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime' by Mark Haddon.

7. At a festival 
This was at Graspop Metal Meeting 2012.I'm on the right.

8. My favorite outfit 
I'm only giving you a sneak peek because the outfit post is coming this wednesday. Ever since I bought this dress, it has been my favorite. Then the outfit started to form itself with thights, boots and the perfect little belt.

9. An ugly picture of myself 
I delete my ugly pictures! But this one is pretty terrible. I was very tired and I didn't want my picture taken.

10. A nice memory 
This was during a project week at school where we (me and 4 others) made a movie.



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