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July 26, 2012

This is already my third outfit post, wow. I can't really believe it actually. I took this one a while ago and I still managed to post it a day late. Still, I don't feel guilty. First of all because nobody reads my blog (hehe) and second of all, because it's mine. And this is my happy place. But here it finally is: one of my favorite outfits ever. I love the dress, the brown colour accents and the boots. Every piece has it's little story.

This dress was actually the first one I bought which felt comfortable. Before this dress, I didn't really wear dresses except when it was really hot. But it reminded of Rachel Berry (that can't ever be bad) so I decided to buy it and I got so many compliments the first day I wore it, I still can't believe it. Since then I've got loose. I've been buying an incredible amount of dresses but this one is probably still my favorite. I'm saving it now though because it's actually in the state of being a little worn out, I'll probably turn depressed when I ever have to let it go. Or I'll tear it apart and make a pattern out of it! Jep, totally doing that. It will serve me well.

The belt. I really love this little piece to death. I bought it in Prague while I was there with my boyfriend and it came with a skirt with cats, how awesome is that? So it definitely remembers me of that wonderful trip (I'm going to share my trips from 2012 in the near future.) But besides that, I think it's really pretty with two shades of one of my favourite colours.

Dress: H&M - Boots: gift - Belt: Prague - Tights:Veritas - Scarf: H&M

And then there are the boots that were totally not my thing at first but my mother really liked them and offered to buy them for me. And I can't refuse a gift, right? I'm really ashamed to admit that I only wore them maybe once or twice in the first year I had them. But then I fell in love with them and paired them with everything. The heavy butterflies are gone now but I still like them a lot, especially with this dress and those tights

What are your favorite pieces? Do any of your clothes have a story behind them?


  1. Little did you know someone WOULD read this! ;) Love the outfit, you are so adorable!

  2. Oh crap haha :D thank you so much!


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