Shopping in Antwerp

July 08, 2012
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Yesterday I went shopping in Antwerp with my mom and my boyfriend. De Meir in Antwerp is the biggest shopping street in our country so I definitely like it. It's only an hour drive but we only make the trip once a year or so. But this time, I really wanted to go for Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 since Antwerp is the only place that has both of those shops. I'm in love with UO! Too bad that I only buy cheap clothes and I think a lot of it is expensive. But it's sale everywhere right now so it wasn't too bad. And I had never been in a f21 before so I definitely had to go. It wasn't what I expected though. I figured I would be in heaven but since it's sale, everything was unorganized and it was just plain chaos, not my thing. Anyway, I can't leave without telling what I bought. I can't wait to take some outfit pictures soon.

Forever 21: 2 dresses, a top, two shirts and earrings
Urban outfitters: a dress and shoes
Springfield: a dress and shoes
WE: pants
River woods: low boots

Not bad, right? And I'll have to thank my amazing mother for all of this. I'll have to clean out my closet soon though, it's exploding while I don't even wear half of it anymore... Maybe I'll start a 'shop my closet' shop but I'll more likely donate it. I don't know yet. The only thing I desperately needed, I didn't find: a simple red cardigan. So that's something for another time ;)



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