Swimming at the atomium

July 17, 2012

My weekend started off good with spending some time with my girlfriends on friday. Our plan was to go the park but since it was pouring outside, that really wasn't an option. So after we went to pick up one of our friends, we decided to do little housetours. So we drove past all of our houses and checked them out! A little strange if you think about it but it was fun to see where your friends live and to look at some old pictures and how they choose to decorate their own little space. And to talk ofcourse. I really consider these girls as good friends. I haven't known them for very long or I don't know everything about them l but I do hope we continue to hang out and to have fun together. 

Alright people, now for the swimming: that title is a big fat lie. Now I got you good, huh? I only wish you could swim in one of those huge steel balls but no, you can't. We (as in: my boyfriend and I) did go swimming next to the Atomium though on saturday. Brussels has a little park called 'Bruparck' where you can find a movietheater, a little village (with a carrousel and a firebreather or whatever that is called), mini-Europe (with little scalemodels of all famous european constructions) and Océade, a swimming park.

So we went to Océade which is the only 'adventurous' swimming place in Belgium, as far as I know. It has a lot of slides and 'tubes' and every half hour, there are waves in the pool itself. We sure had a blast but on the other side, we thought it was really overpriced because there were some awesome slides, but not all too many and the pool itself was actually kind of little. Yet we ended up paying around 20 euros (or 25 dollars) each! That's insane for only 4 hours of swimming. But swimming really puts you out, I was exhausted. So we ordered pizza, yay!

But the favorite part of my weekend was definitely sunday afternoon when we impulsively booked a trip to London! I've already been there but Nick hasn't and I couldn't be more excited. Really, everytime I think about it, I am so incredibly happy. We're not going for long though, since we're both students with a crappy budget. We will be there from tuesday 21, August through friday 24. AND we're going to the Harry Potter studios!!!!!!!! Okay, those are a lot of exclamation marks but if you're a Harry Potter freak like I am, you'll understand. I mean, even my teacher named Harry Potter when she announced me on stage to receive my price (at my graduation), that says something, doesn't it? I'm so thankful that my boyfriend wants to do this with me because this is a pretty huge deal for me. Thanks Nick! So the past weekend was definitely a good one, I'm still living on cloud nine at the moment.


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