Hearts for the quarter of a decade

July 18, 2012

This outfit consists of every item in my closet with pink in it! No wait, I have a little pink belt as well and I wanted to add it but that was a little too much. I really love pink actually but I guess just not on me. It doesn't suit me. So these are the only items you will ever see on me that are pink.

But now for the hearts: I've been together for two and a half years now with my boyfriend, Nick! That's a quarter of a decade! I actually can't really believe it, that sounds like such a long time and yet it doesn't feel that way. I'm truly happy with how things are now because yes, we've had rough patches in the past and sure, we fight but I love this boy to death and we always make it up to each other and I don't think we could live without each other. We tried once though and after a week we just fell right back in each other arms. I don't think I'm made to be without him. I picture myself by his side for like.. forever. So these hearts definitely had to be worn today! Bummer that he's lying in bed sick right now.. But I'll make sure he gets everything he needs.

We took these pictures really quickly (by really quickly I mean VERY quickly, as in 1 minute) and I didn't even look at the pictures at the moment itself.  I wish I had though because I only had 12 pictures or so and they didn't really turn out that good. But anyway, I'm happy my boyfriend puts up with my crazy wishes "Take pictures of me, quick quick, I need them for my blog" while we only have a lunch break of half an hour. Because we took these during that break at the parking lot of where we work.

Pants: Tom Tailor - Shoes: DXYZ - Top with hearts & belt: Primark - Cardigan: Esprit

Do you wear anything 'related' for special occassions?


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