August 2012

August 31, 2012

I can't believe September is starting tomorrow. It feels like it was only yesterday that our summer vacation started. This also means that I've been blogging for two whole months now. Sometimes it does really feel like much longer and other moments I have the feeling it's only been a week. I'm still really excited to be blogging though and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. September is going to be an awesome month, I have some posts waiting for you! But let's take a break and look back at August once more.

I shared some favorite outfits of mine in August like the one in the beautiful field of roses and one where I decided that silly pictures are okay. Oh and Daisy of Bouxwho made a custom drawing of me based on this outfit. And then there's the What to Wear series that I joined for the first time. There will be another post next thursday by the way.

Also, a lot of cool stuff happened. I went to Disneyland Paris which was awesome and even more amazing was that I got an iPhone for my birthday! Okay, my birthday isn't untill the end of September but my parents gave it to early.

Let's not forget about my trip to London. First of all, I shared what was in my bag for the trip and I shared part 1 of our trip this week.

I have the feeling I share almost every single post I wrote in these recaps but well, I just genuinely enjoy blogging so much. I can't help it! How do you review your month?



  1. My favorite thing about blogging is all the memories I record while doing it. If it wasn't for blogging I never would have got into photography as much as I am and just think of how many memories wouldn't have been captured on card then!

    I also totally know what you mean about sharing every post - I swear every time I write a new post I get a new favorite post. ;D

    And did you get a new template since last I was here? I'm pretty sure you did - or I was just very tired and not paying attention last time! Lol! Either way it looks fantastic! Love that drawing of you on the sidebar! <3

    1. Yes, exactly why I love blogging as well! And it's a design by Modern Buttercup but I added the new avatar by Bouxwho :) xo

  2. I don't think you shared too much at all! Mostly that's because I just discovered your blog and this was a great way to sum it up for me. Plus, I totally get the whole loving blogging that much thing. Did I mention that your adorable and I just fell in love with your blog? Because that happened.

    1. Thank you so much! That's a huge compliment! xo

  3. It is really hard to believe September is here already! Sounds like you've had a fun summer though! I'm glad you've enjoyed your first couple months of blogging!

  4. Excited to catch up with your London posts :) And I like the layout! I have also been blogging for just under 2 months and I'm really impressed how well you write/post, I would have assumed you were super experienced. Wow!

  5. You had a very exciting month! I got my iphone last month also. It's so fun isn't it? I take all my photos with it now. LOL


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