Bodacious Blogs: August 2012

August 18, 2012
There are a lot of fabulous blogs out there. And I can't do anything else besides share them with you guys! Every blog I read is a little part of the reason why I'm blogging myself. They inspire me so much and that's why they deserve the title of Bodacious Blog. Each month, I'll be sharing two or three of my favorites.

First of all, check out last month's post here with some amazing blogs. It seems a little unnecessary to share this month's blogs because they're both equally awesome and you probably know both of them but I have because they are two of my all time favorites.

It's probably an unspoken rule to not name one blogger as your favorite but I'm going to do it anyway. I love everything about Kaelah's blog and about Kaelah herself. First of all, she loves cardigans. I think it can't go wrong anymore, right? Also, she and her almost-husband Mike take beautiful pictures AND Kaelah is an awesome blog designer. It's no secret that I'm saving up to hire her for a design someday. Oh and she has an awesome collection of really ugly shoes that anyone would admire and she's just really funny. Then there are blog posts where you can see a cute toddler and two gorgeous dogs bouncing around. I don't think I have to go on, right? (Disclaimer: I feel like I should warn you that there probably might be some shark pictures floating around!)

First of all, just look at Kaylah. Her awesome tattoos and hair don't even need to be spoken of because it all speaks for itself, don't you think? She always shares amazing film photographs that include some pretty great nature shots and mushrooms. Oh and little critters ofcourse or one of her four awesome cats. She has some pretty weird collections like all things teeth and weatherhouses but they're really cool to look at. Then there are her outfits which are the best and she always has an animal involved, too freaking cool. Also, I should probably mention love, elycia because they're best friends and they have great posts together (or silly videos that crack me up). I think they're kind of a package deal and Elycia's blog is awesome as well.

Be sure to check these two lovely ladies' blogs because their blogs are ... well, bodacious! (I'm not funny at all, am I?) Don't forget about me while you do so!


  1. awww I loved reading why you love each of these blogs! They're both sooo amazing! :) hahah cute blog by the way!

  2. these two are so adorable. i love kaylah's blog especially - i find her style to be perfect

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. I think so too, they both have amazing style! xo

  3. I love both of these blogs, especially Kaylah's blog. She's the best, isn't she?

  4. I love both of those blogs! Here's what I've always wondered: do you pronounce both of their names the same?

  5. That's a good question actually, I've always assumed they're pronounced the same :p xo


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