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August 15, 2012

Nick took these pictures a few hours ago and the one above is probably one of my all time favorites. I spotted this dress at Forever 21 while I was on my way to pay and I obviously bought it. I saw the dress and took it with me without looking properly. When I got home, I tried it on and I realized there was an open back I didn't even know about haha. It was a nice surprise though. Later on that day, I snatched up these shoes that were on supersale in Springfield.

Even though I was melting while taking this pictures (sorry about that and about the messy hair that comes with it), I just had to wear these shoes. I have to admit I got rid of them the moment we were done, bare feet are necessary when it's hot. Also, this is a really weird pose haha. But I wanted to show the back ofcourse. I like candid pictures better actually, so that's what you get below.

When I got home from Nick, I changed into my 'these can get dirty'-clothes and washed my car, it was very necessary! Then I got rewarded with some delicious BBQ. I don't like meat very much and I don't eat it much, but then I'm not talking about chicken. Oh and my dad cooked some carrots this afternoon and my mom made potatoes to put on the barbeque. I loved it! Now I'm relaxing while typing this blog post since it's back to work tomorrow. Today we had a holiday, how awesome is that? Two more days of work and then next week on Tuesday, I'm off to London!

Dress: Forever 21 | Belt: H&M | Shoes: Springfield

Oh and yes, another silly picture. I have no idea what I was trying to do here except making a silly face. Well, that's me! I actually think this picture is hilarious. Also, I don't edit my pictures besides the color sometimes. So yes, there are ugly scars on my legs and some pimples on my chin but well, I can't change how I look! 

What are your plans for the rest of summer?


  1. Cute photos. I have a hard time photographing myself for outfit posts. I feel silly! LOL I like your long hair. :)

    1. I felt silly too for the first couple of times but it got easy really fast haha. And thank you!

  2. So cute1

    xo Jennifer


  3. haha I dont think you did weird poses at all & the one of you laughing is so so adorable! & you have a great figure I bet pencil skirts would look great on you : ) Where are you from btw? You must live in Europe if you went to Springfield. Love the back of the dress & thank you for your super sweet comment! How did you find my blog btw? I'm happy you did and to have found yours now.

    1. Well thank you haha :) I am from Belgium and I found your blog by clicking around and your button was somewhere, I forgot where though :) xo


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