Watermelons in a field of roses

August 01, 2012

Last week when we were driving to my boyfriend's house, I asked him if he knew any nice spots in the neighbourhood because it was getting dark and I wanted to take some pictures. He couldn't really think of anything so I was a little bummed out that we wouldn't be able to take some pictures before it was dark. Then all of a sudden, he said 'turn left' and I had to brake and turn very quickly. He led me to a beautiful field of roses that's somewhat hidden on the way from my house to his. I couldn't believe my eyes! I didn't think for one second that such a place could be found nearby our places, let alone on the way from one to another.

So Nick took some pictures of me and had I known that we were going to such a beautiful place, I probably would've worn a dress but well, this is the outfit I was wearing that day. I'm definitely a dress person. I feel very feminine when I wear dresses and I'm always happy with myself. But lately I've learned that I tend to wear more pants and shorts in summer because I don't like to be all exposed with a dress. I'm always worrying that I'll show more than I want to when it's too hot to wear tights. Autumn is so easy! I can wear nothing else than dresses with tights and not worry a single second.

I really like these bright shorts though. They seem pink in these pictures but they're a bright red. I bought these when I was going to Italy with school because I didn't really have any shorts. I'm a little embarassed to admit that I now own 5 pairs... But well, they're so easy! At the same day, I bought this sheer watermelon top. My mother is a woman that buys complete outfits. She can't stand mismatched clothes and so she's always pushing me to buy a top AND a skirt or a dress AND a cardigan. I usually laugh at it but I have to say, I haven't worn these shorts with anything else than this top. Than later on, I bough this little belt so that has been an addition to this outfit.

Watemelon top: Vero Moda - Shorts: Vero Moda - Belt: JBC - Shoes: unknown

I love the print as well. I admit, watermelons (or any busy print such as this one) and roses don't go together so well but what's not to like about watermelons? They're perfect for summer, they have the perfect colours and they're delicious. I'm actually craving some watermelon right now... I'll settle for some strawberries though. And now I'm off for some McDonalds, definitely a sin of mine; I love it. I'm meeting up with some friends and I'm sure we'll have a good time. I'll be back tomorrow with the list of the month.

Do you have any new favourite places in your neighbourhood?


  1. That top is so cute!! Just wanted to pop over and say thanks for your comment! And for being lucky #100 on Bloglovin. ; )


  2. Beautiful outfit, beautiful location and a beautiful girl. I love this outfit a lot. I would totally wear every single piece. I especially love the little belt on that top.

    You're adorable. I hope you enjoyed your McDonalds!! (I haven't had any for a long time... I only get to eat fast food when I go out of town. I could really go for a McChicken right about now. Yum!)

    1. Thank you so much, that's an amazing compliment! You really made my day :D

      And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it haha.

  3. That top is so cute! And that belt just makes it perfect :)

  4. Why that outfit is amazing! Love the colors and the watermelon print with the ruffle detail on the top! So cute! And what a beautiful background! -Jessica



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