September 26, 2012
Yesterday was all about preparing to move to my studentsroom (kind of like dorms) in Ghent.
I thought I could do a currently post like the wonderful Danielle of Sometimes Sweet to talk about my first days at university and to just unwind a little bit. 

Reading: 21 pages about the history of Japan. This is the only course I got to pick myself and I haven't even had class but I'm already getting assignments through mail. But to make it a little bit more interesting, I thought I would share the last books I read which are the number four trilogy. I've never been much into sciencefiction untill I discovered that sciencefiction can actually be really cool and even a bit romantic as well. I am a girl after all. Anyway, I started reading the first book and I was hooked immediately. The second book was read in a couple of hours and I bought the third and last book this weekend and finished it in a day as well. They're real pageturners and so cool. I'm looking for books like those at the moment, so if you have any recommendations...

Watching: grey's anatomy... Uhm, yeah. When I came 'home' from class this afternoon, I really wanted to relax but couldn't really find anything fast enough so I settled for an episode of Grey's anatomy. I'm already at the end of the sixth season now because I've kind of watched 5 seasons at once a couple of months ago. Now, when I'm bored and I want something easy to watch, I just start the next episode. I've seen and I'm following so many series that it's kind of hard to find a new one to fall in love with. Again, shoot your recommendations my way.

Listening to: an acoustic version of 'My hero' by Foo Fighters over and over again. I absolutely can't stand Dave Grohl but boy, do I love that song. Lately I've been getting really emotional when I hear that song because I kind of imagine this to play at my father's funeral someday. And thinking about my father's funeral totally freaks me out. I don't even want to think about that. But in the mean time, this song would be such a perfect fit and it just reminds me of my dad (not just his funeral that I don't want to attend for several decades).

Thinking about: the future. The last couple of days have been really hard and I have been doubting myself a lot. I kind of realize it's normal to struggle the first days or even weeks when you go to university but I handle new things so bad. I just can't seem to handle it at the moment and I'm wondering if I will ever be able to succeed and achieve something in life. I'm actually kind of sure that I'll be able to pass most of my exams but there's a part of me that doesn't believe it, do you know what I mean? 

Looking forward to: the weekend and my birthday. The last few days  were really really busy. It's not even thursday and I'm already so freaking tired. I can't wait to just go home, seeing my boyfriend, my cat and my family and celebrating my birthday. It's probably the last weekend I'll be able to just relax and not think about school for a moment so I'm totally going to enjoy it. Also, I'm looking forward to going to IKEA for some furniture and necessities for my studentsroom on monday.

Making me happy: fall, my upcoming birthday this weekend, getting started at university (which makes me a little unhappy at the same time), learning new things, starting to learn a new language, tights, sweaters, long sleeves, a tattoo appointment, family that loves me, new friends, washi tape, becoming more independent, decorating, framed pictures, my iPhone, memories, Granny Smith apples, lists, biking around the city, m&ms, my boyfriend.


  1. good luck in university :) college is fun and you will enjoys those years. make the best of it! i'm loving the paragraph of things that make you happy. :)

    take care!

    - melissa

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely going to make the best out of it :)

  2. Ooo happy almost birthday, Dorien!

    Regarding your "thinking about" paragraph: of course all I know is what you write here, but I can easily tell how smart, compassionate, and clear-headed you are. I know you'll do an excellent job of passing your exams and you'll definitely succeed in life. Everyone wonders and has those doubts at some point... just don't let them get to you! =)

    Also, when I read your "About" page for the first time, I was shocked to find that English isn't your first language. You write so much better than a lot of people I know who are native to the U.S.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I'm glad to read that I'm not doing such a bad job haha :) Thank you!! xo

  3. packing / unpacking is the worst! but i love ikea!

    <3 katherine


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