Motivating Monday #11

September 17, 2012

What's better to start a week than some motivating things? A fancy dress, some nice stationery or some pretty pictures. Motivating Monday is a weekly column filled with things I'm loving at the moment. Click on the images for the source/link/shop.

I don't think I'll ever get enough of accesories or clothes with animals on them or even better: in the shape of them. This darling little bag is part of an amazing etsy shop with a lot of other animal bags in it as well. (Like a raccoon!)

Yes, I'm blogger number 1617287454 that loves fall, and the perfect things about fall: sweaters and tights! I can probably go on about these two for days, not kidding. I've actually just finished my search for tights with a relief today, I found them! Anyway, these sweaters are only a small part of Sheinside's collection, they have a lot of great things.

Recently, I got two awesome prints in the mail that I won at a giveaway and I think that's the moment when I saw the light! You have to have prints in your life, people. I didn't realize it untill then but now I'm certainly looking for some awesome prints for my room. I really like this one, it's simple yet really beautiful.

Okay, everyone that lives in Canada or America probably has it's own favorite sites with free shipping but living in Belgium, it's actually kind of hard to find this for English books. So I'll definitely be ordering from this site from now on because I prefer to read English books (when they were originally written in English ofcourse.)

Don't you just love this video? I love what she does with her dog and I think you can really see how much they love each other. Talking about animals, I'll have a post up tomorrow about pets. 


  1. i'm loving those sweaters. so perfect for fall. i'd wear tights in every season! i'm loving the foxy print! i'm liking your blog. ^_^

    following ya!

  2. i really love that fox print. it's stunning. and that owl bag! adorable. i'm all about things with animals on them these days too
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Yes I can honestly say I'm kind of becoming obsessed haha :) xo


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