My life in pictures: part 5

September 02, 2012
Here I am with the final part of my life in pictures. The bold ones are the ones I'm doing now and the cursive ones are the ones I already did. Here's the final installment of this little series, I hope you enjoyed it. (Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

The subjects:

1. Good times
2. My favorite vacationshot
3. Something I’m proud of
4. Someone I love
5. At a party

6. How I really am
7. At a festival
8. My favorite outfit
9. An ugly picture of myself
10. A nice memory
11. A picture of me as a child
12. I didn’t know someone was taking this picture
13. In my house
14. A pretty picture of myself
15. Makes me laugh
16. My favorite animal
17. With someone I admire
18. Someone I'm missing
19. Bad times
20. A friend I don’t see so often anymore
21. Could be published in a magazine
22. A picture of the last classmates I had
23. When I’m eating
24. With a strange hairdo
25. My most recent picture


21. Could be published in a magazine Well, this was difficult. I don't think any of my pictures would fit into a magazine so I just chose a picture I saved. If anyone knows the source, please tell me.

22. A picture of the last classmates I had This was my religion class and as you can see, it's very small. At my school, you could choose between roman catholic religion, secular ethics, islam and many more. Apparantly, there weren't many religious people in our school, haha. But I'm fine with that though! So this was our little class and we sat together two hours a week. We had the most amazing teacher by the way, she's the right one at the bottom.

23. When I'm eating Again, a difficult task. I couldn't find a picture of me eating anywhere so I opted for one where I'm about to drink something. Yes, the disgusting butterbeer.

24. With a strange hairdo As I mentioned here, I had dreadlocks some years ago. I don't know why everything thinks they're nasty though, you just wash them like regular hair.. But wel, prejudices I suppose. I still love how they looked, even though this is a blurry picture.

25. My most recent picture I was at my grandma thursday and two of my nephews and one of my nieces was there as well. I took a bunchload of pictures of them (and of my grandma's garden) and we took one groupshot which turned out pretty perfectly I think, haha. So here you can see my niece Jitske, my littlest nephew Arno and my other nephew Liam. Oh and me ofcourse haha. I'm the oldest one of the grandchildren by the way.


  1. Wat een GEWELDIGE post! Echt leuk om te lezen en te bekijken! Misschien pik ik dit postideetje wel eens van je ;) !

  2. What a cute family! I love your glasses and your top! -Jessica L


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