September 2012

September 30, 2012

Well look at that, september is already over while it still feels like the first. I can't progress how fast this month has gone by. This whole month was kind of a blur, that's how fast it went. And that's why you haven't been seeing much of me this past week. Don't worry though, I already have two outfit posts ready and some other ones too. But let's look back at the past, awesome month.
(By the way, I'm still figuring out the best way to do these recap posts so bear with me please.)

I worked two more weeks at my summerjob and I had my very last week of vacation. Then my first week of university started, which I'm totally excited but also a little freaked out about. And last but not least, I celebrated my birthday yesterday! Oh and blog related: I had my very first guest post!

- I -- - I told a little bit about my cat and previous pets without omitting anything.
- I participated in the what to wear series twice. First I showed off my grandpa's chickens and then I showed off my bike.
- I attempted to mix prints for the very first time and took those pictures in an area where people were passing by from time to time.
- I shared part two of the pictures of our trip to London.
- I made my first ever wishlist for my birthday and figured out that I'm really bad at it. I'll share what I got this week.

How do you summarize the past month?


  1. Time flew so fast. I can't believe how fast it is! :(

  2. Hey Dorian! This month went by soooooo fast. I seriously can't believe it's over. September really is a mega-transition month huh?
    Anyways..... cute blog lady!

    1. Indeed, time flies! And thank you :) (PS: my name is Dorien hihi)

  3. i KNOW i cannot believe it's all over! you had a lot go on - and happy birthday (really belated i know!)
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Indeed, can't believe it either. And thank you again :) xo

  4. September just zoomed by for everyone! That's how it seems to me, anyway. Gosh, I haven't even had time for my own recap post... ACK! Hehe. Excited to see your outfit posts!

  5. I'm with you; September just flew by! I can't even think of what I did.


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