Motivating Monday #17

November 19, 2012

♥ This picture is the best. Ever. I have a sphynx myself so I'm already in love with them and this one makes me so happy just by watching it. My cat doesn't like water that much unfortunately. She hates to get washed! 

♥ The following article is really cool. What do you think it is, by only looking at the image? It's a little fish that makes these art projects to attract his mate. She will then lay her eggs in the middle of the circle! 

♥ I don't drink much. In fact, I rarely ever drink and I definitely don't make the drinks myself haha. But these ideas are pretty neat, I love the Avengers! 

♥ I have never given much thought to how the 'physical' internet looks like. I certainly like it! You can see more here

♥ Sugarlips has some of the most awesome clothes with a little edge. I would love the following two items so much! Especially the sweater since it really is something special.


  1. That cat put a huge smile on my face, that fish is so nifty, and I love that last dress!

  2. I love that fish article, isn't that the most amazing thing ever?



  3. The cat is incredible:)) Great party drinks ideas...

  4. Hi Dorien,
    I´m Sonia from Spain. I loved that you used the things I sent.
    I thought I would to hear from you...

    1. Hey Sonia, you definitely will! I'm sorry it has been so busy.. xo

  5. I love that cat. My cat Special Agent Dale Cooper is really interested in water. He loves watching the sink and shower, but he won't go in it. Every time he gets wet he just freaks out!

    1. Haha that's such a great name! And my cat kind of 'undergoes' it but she's not a big fan of it either! xo


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