October 2012

November 03, 2012

I'm reluctant to even say it people, we're already November, that's crazy! I am excited though, november is always an awesome month. We have a holiday here called Sint-Maarten where the children (I still count as one in my family) get presents, yay. And we're coming closer to Christmas ofcourse, I can't wait for cosy christmas lights and trees. Before we continue though, let's take a look at the past month.

It was my birthday in September so in the beginning of October, I shared my 20 before 20 list. It was a busy month at university and I was kind of lonely sometimes since I'm living in dorms now. I'm also participating in the lovely letters exchange from Kitty and Buck and Modern Buttercup. But the most important event for me was getting my first tattoo ofcourse.
- I shared some of my very favorite books here.
- Now I'm looking back at the past month, I realise I shared two outfits with my favorite colour! One with my current favorite dress and one with my new boots.
- Halloween ofcourse!
A little peek at what's going to happen in November: 
- more pretty letters
- a little explanation about some typical things from where I live
- my very first giveaway!!!!!


  1. What an absolutely sweet blog you have here - thanks for your comment, otherwise I wouldn't have discovered it!

    1. Thank you so much, that's really sweet! :) xo

  2. Such an exciting month for your blog, lady! I love October and November so much. :D

  3. In my mind, it's still not November yet. Boy, time flies!


  4. Oh, love these types of posts! I had a crazy month too, I am just now getting caught up on everything. And oh my goodness girl, that tattoo is bleeping awesome! I've wanted one just like for a while but with my puppy inside and also... the placement is awesome - I am working on a sleeve and I already have a peacock on my outer arm, so I would get it in the same place! ♥ Em


    1. I get what you mean, it's always so crazy! And thank you so much, I'm going for a sleeve too and believe it or not but a peacock is part of it :D xo

  5. Oh you did have a busy month! I'm so glad you got your tattoo. I'm so jealous. I guess I could make a 32 before 32, LOL. I will be 31 next month!!!!! Crazy!!!

    1. You should! I love lists like that, they're like little achievements for yourself :) xo

  6. ooh, can't wait to see some Belgian goodies!!
    (even if they're going to make me homesick!)


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