100: happy end of the world! (& blogspam)

December 21, 2012

dress: H&M | watch: icewatch | bracelet: Pandora | earrings: C&A

When I saw recently that I was already up to my 100th post, I just had to publish it today. So, happy end of the world you all! I'm going to an intimate end of the world party tonight. With a bonfire. Awe-some! Now, since you all now I'm a lazy blogger (just kidding, kind of), I'm letting you all spam your own blogs today. Post your blog in the comments and I'll include it in this post which will end up being an awesome way to discover new blogs. Now it's time for some french fries. Just in case this is going to be my last meal ofcourse.  

By the way, isn't this dress the prettiest? Pictured for this special occassion only. Guess I'm not that lazy after all, huh? (P.S.: Tips for inside pictures like this are very welcome, this was really damn hard!) 

Now tell me about your blog and check out these:

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  1. Congrats with your 100th post! Are you ready for the next 100?
    My blog is mostly about China and my life there. I also write about my travels, show pics of China, let you know about the books I've read. Basically about everything I want to write about.

  2. Haha, an end of the world party is always awesome! You look beautiful in that dress too. :)

    xo, Adriana.

  3. such a festive dress! Happy 100th post :)


  4. Mooie jurk en gefeliciteerd! Daar zitten wij bijlange nog niet ;)

  5. Gefeliciteerd! Ik vind je jurkje erg mooi! xx

  6. Lovely dress and happy 100th post! xox

  7. Leuk jurkje! En wat grappig zeg dat je naar een end of the world party bent geweest!

  8. i luuuurv dat jurkje maar mij staat zo'n model niet zo mooi :( looking fierce!

  9. Happy 100th! Cute dress!
    {Em ♥ teatreevintage.blogspot.com}


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