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January 12, 2013

To answer your probably urgent question: yes! I am still alive! Apparantly, university doesn't like the idea of me having a blog. Same for the weather. I have given myself a little blogging day today though and I am happy to announce that I already have five posts lined up, isn't that insane (well, for me at least)? Going on..

Winter decided to come around this weekend (still without snow though) and I was freezing for these pictures. It was pretty dark as well unfortunately. This is the first time I didn't shoot in auto mode by the way, does it make any difference? Probably not but a girl can only try. I finally understand what everything means and how I change it. Now I just have to practice I guess. Basis photography tips are still very welcome. You will also notice my (new) remote in some pictures because I was hurrying to get back inside.

I've been living in this cardigan for the past weeks because it's warm and it doesn't have long sleeves which is perfect for studying. The fact that it is in my favorite colour might have something to do with it as well. This dress has the most pretty back cutout by the way but I had a shirt underneath so it wasn't really visible anyway. Just wait for summer! Oh and what do you guys think of my pretty Dr. Martens? I've had them for a while now but it's the first time they make an appearance. I also think they're prettier in real life but well, you get the idea! I'm afraid I'm off to indulge myself in some more knowledge again (just kidding, I hate studying). 

How do you keep up with a busy schedule and blogging?

cardigan & bracelet: WE | dress: Urban Outfitters | boots: Dr. Martens | scarf: unknown | tights: Veritas


  1. Really love that sweater. You look lovely as always :)

  2. You look so cute! I am glad you are learning how to use your camera because I'm clueless on how to use mine. As far as blogging and a busy schedule, it's not easy. I'm so stressed all the time. I try to use two days a week to do a bunch of posts. Then with my morning coffee I read blogs. :) it's hard.

  3. So cute!! I really really love your bracelet!!


  4. Love your sweater! + the color :)

  5. Your sweater is so cute! Love the overall look. Did your Docs hurt to break in? My friend cried so much breaking hers in!

    I will admit, it's pretty tough for me to keep up with blogging when my schedule gets busy, but making lists of ideas for posts and planning out when I will do them really helps me. I am going back to school on Monday, so I will be in your boat soon! You can get through it!!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

    1. No, they didn't hurt at all actually! But I did buy a half size too big and I wear thick socks in them :) xo

  6. Super gezellige outfit, ik hou van chunky cardis <3 Blogging en busy schedule: ik probeer minstens een keer per week een post te doen, das mijn enige regel. Soms gaan examens en schoolstuff nu eenmaal voor en daar doe je niks aan. :(

  7. That color looks great on you and I love that bracelet :)

  8. wauw erg leuke cardigan , nog heel veel succes met je schoolwerk !

  9. I adore that sweater! you've inspired me to wear one of my bulky ones tomorrow!

  10. I love this look! And you have the most fabulous name :) x

  11. I love your sweater and your bracelet!

  12. i love your bracelet!

    xx Francesca of

  13. Great outfit! That sweater is super cute. I want some Dr. Martens. That color is amazing.

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  14. That cardigan is the perfect color!!! Adore the pockets - and the length is perfect!
    Nikki at


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