Motivating Monday #22

January 28, 2013
© I think I've read about this flickr on Little Chief Honeybee for the first time and I have been drooling over these pictures with my boyfriend a lot. Living in a house like these would definitely be a dream come true.

© Free people is another one of those awesome clothing webshops. (There are a bazillion around so I try to feature a different one every week.) These are some of my favorites from their shop. Perfect for a summer boho look.

© I've had my DSLR for about half a year now and I have to admit that I still don't know a lot about. There have been some awesome posts around lately though that have helped me a bit further. Now at least I know what everything means! And thanks to Katherine of Of Corgis and Cocktails' post (and this one too), I now shoot with AV. It's not completely manual yet but you can't do everything at once, right? Oh and this post from Kitty and Buck was helpful too.

© I don't know if any of you know about this but it's awesome! You just click the button and you'll never be bored again in your life (well, since Pinterest that's already impossible ofcourse but still). Lots of the tutorials are a bit outdated but still pretty cool. Click around for a bit, it's addicting!

© I read about this article over at My Mod Style and it's so freaking sweat! It's about a boy that saved his pocket money to save kitties. It's inspiring!

© Does everyone know about Free Book Friday already? I didn't untill a few weeks ago. There are thousands of entries so it's not really likely you'll win but still. It's also pretty good to discover new books I think.

© And a sweet song by Thriftary.


  1. very very nice song you shared at the end!

  2. Super handig die posts over dslr's!

  3. That is an awesome tree house. I don't have a dslr but I have a point and shoot with dslr features and I still can't figure things out.

  4. Oh id love to live in a cottage like that, too!


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