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January 05, 2013
I've been wanting to share this for a long time but I wasn't really sure if I should. I asked the people I created this with and they were okay with it so here it is.

Last year, we had a project week in school where we could choose an art subject to work with. There were many choices like photography, dance, electronic music, graphic design etc. This project was organised by a company called Piazza Dell'Arte. I chose to make a shortmovie and ended up in a group with four other people. We had three days to make the most out of it. First, we got some little tasks from our mentor to get to know the camera a little bit since it was professional gear and we had never used something like it. After, we started brainstorming and then we got to work.

We knew we wanted something abstract and kind of dark. We filmed in our local park and in and around our school. In the end, we only had a couple of hours left to montage everything and the guys did an awesome job. We had one problem though: which music to use? Fortunately, one of the people from our group, Peter, is an excellent musician and he made the whole tune himself. At the end of the week, all of the results from each group were shown around the school, it was awesome. The people from graphic design made a little program book and this was the sentence we chose to describe our movie: "When innocence gets mixed up with anxiety in the depths of human conscience." Oh and yes, we totally let it publish in English even though we speak Dutch. Because we're artsy like that, duh.

Now, without futher ado, here it is. Enjoy!

Please note that this was entirely for fun and none of us have any actual experience and are by far professional actors. Also, no living animals were harmed in this video and the blood is fake ofcourse. We give credit for the music at the end when our names are displayed which is not ours.


  1. the soundtrack is awesome! Nice work

  2. It's so professional looking, and incredibly creepy :D. Well done!

  3. that was pretty cool! i'm enjoying your blog. found you from the totally awesome blog hop and am your newest follower :)

  4. Heya! To answer that question, yes it was an axolotl! Very awesome pet!

  5. ooooh I enjoyed it! Nicely done lady!

  6. Just stumbled on your blog and it's beautiful xxx please try to stop by my little blog:
    many thanks xxxx

  7. Very cool to watch. I'm glad you didn't get stabbed. ;)

  8. Zalige muziek! Ik vind het filmpje ook echt geweldig (en nu maar hopen dat ik juist ben en je Nederlands spreekt ;-) ) Wat leuk dat ik nog een Belg ontdek op het internet, en dat we precies wel 'into' dezelfde dingen zijn :)

  9. wow what a creepy short movie. the music your friend did is perfect. glad you shared!


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