Aalst Carnival 2013: the parade

February 15, 2013

I promise you, this will be the last post about our carnival. As I told you here, there's a parade on sunday. It's rather big because 70 groups can participate. There are three categories: small groups, medium and large ones. For each category, there's a winner. I myself have been in a group since I was about two years old. I was freaking adorable with a silly costume, if I say so myself. When I was about fifteen, I decided it wasn't really my thing anymore, it was more something for my parents so that was the last year I walked along in the parade. But well, my parents worked really hard with the group they're in this year so obviously I wanted them to win. And they impressed everyone! Unfortunately, they only got second place because of a few technical issues during the parade but I'm still really proud that I was once part of that group. I hope you will all come see this one day with me.

I want to point out that almost everything you'll see is handmade. Members of the groups work on the costumes and the floats for months. Enjoy.

This is the group my parents are in. As you can see, they had an insane amount of lights and on top of that, almost everything moved! That airplane on the front made whole spins so the guy in it was sometimes hanging upside down. And even though you can't really see it, the picture below is one of my nephew.

In the first tiny picture, you can see my mom pushing a cart with my little niece. And even though the second one is really blurry, I really like this shot. It's my mother as well.

A big part of the total float. Doesn't it look awesome? That guy on the right by the way is my dad. He was one of the people that walked alongside the float to make sure everything was going as intended.


  1. Great post. Well captured :)
    Greetings from Pakistan

    Maria Speaks Prada

  2. Amazing. These pictures are awesome!Cheers for your parents :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  3. I can't believe the detail of the costumes!! So lovely. It's awesome how talented your family is.

  4. i didnt realize you celebrated Carnival over there, this is awesome!! your parents whole setup is so elaborate and impressive and 2nd place is awesome! all the costumes are so cool & even more that they're all handmade. thanks for sharing!


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