Budapest: part I

February 24, 2013

Well, life (but most of all snow) got in the way again of me taking outfit pictures but here I am with the first part of my trip to Budapest. I was there for four nights (five days) with a friend and I had an incredible time. Also, I didn't know that city was so damn cheap. I will never be able to pay for McDonalds here in Belgium again without thinking about it.

I should probably tell that we booked this trip with groupon. It was our very first experience with that amazing website and we were kind of doubting it but it turned out absolutely great. We had a four stars hotel and our flights for €150 (for four nights and return flights!) so that was pretty awesome. And they didn't lie or exagerate, the hotel was indeed great. Each morning we could enjoy the enormous and delicious breakfast for free and the location was awesome as well. Practically everything was in walking distance and if not, the subway was not even 50m away. The hotel we stayed at was the Courtyard Marriott hotel. Anyway, here are our first two days!

(PS: We could only take one piece of cabbin baggage and unfortunately, that didn't leave room for my dslr so these pictures are taken with a small digital camera.)

szechenyi bath thermal baths budapest

We didn't do much the first day except a bit of exploring because we were up since 3a.m. the previous night. We strolled around in the shopping mall next to our hotel, we ate a small lunch and eventually we decided to visit Szechenyi which is a thermal bath complex. It was close to freezing and we were sitting around in a giant pool, enjoying the warm water. We were so utterly relaxed! We then went to eat dinner and we visited Szimpla bar but I don't really have good pictures from that.

Our second day consisted out of visiting Buda. We saw a lot: Budapest castle, the Saint Matthias church, the fisherman's bastion and the awesome bridges. Also, we ate dinner in an old tram wagon which was fun.  In the evening we went to a kind of club called Akvarium where we saw some live acts. There was a really good singer among them from Denmark (I'm not sure but I think he was called 'so like dorian').

budapest buda st. matthias churchbudapest buda st. matthias churchbudapest buda fisherman's bastionbudapest parliamentbudapest fisherman's bastionbudapest buda castlebudapest buda dinner vagon trambudapest cable bridgebudapest buda castle


  1. Yes, Budim is amazing city...

    And pictures are awesome! =)

  2. Incredible photos! My wanderlust is itching now.

  3. Those pictures look great. I definitely want to visit. I was hoping to plan a trip that area for this upcoming summer but I can't get the funds together. Perhaps next year I can plan it.

  4. What a beautiful part of the world! Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. lovely city. i'd love to visit one day.

    xoxo, Oleah

  6. I think your photos are beautiful. Gosh, I need to get overseas!!! So McDonald's is really expensive? I didn't realize that. Thanks for sharing this trip. It inspires me to start saving up to travel somewhere that isn't only in America! ;)


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