I'm back! (+ giveaway winner)

February 21, 2013

I'm back from Budapest and just relaxing at home for the moment. I had an amazing time. Now I'm playing catch up (strange that I've only been away for five days and I feel so behind) and I'll be back on track tomorrow with the first part of my trip in pictures. I'll spread out the posts so you won't get bored, promise. And an outfit post with some new clothes this weekend. Is it normal that new clothes make me so happy? Because they do. I'll leave you with the above picture of me with a friend in the zoo. The love was over when he sneezed on me.

Anyway, I still had to choose a winner for the tash tash jewelry giveaway so without further ado, the winner is Ramona (ramydul), congratulations!


  1. love your shaved side! you look supah cool! i have to shave my sides again, they grow so fast!

  2. congrats to winner. cool pic!

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  3. I WANT YOUR HAIR! OMG! Hair envy.

  4. Ah, die sidecut staat gaaf! Heb ik een jaar geleden ook gehad, heb daar nu dus korter haar in vergelijking met de rest van m'n haar haha!

  5. Cool dat jij gewoon een deel van je hoofd kaal mag scheren, ik moet wachten tot ik 15 ben. Als ik zo oud ben wil ik net zo'n kapsel als Andy Sixx :)

  6. love this pic! the llama & you both look so cute. can't wait to hear/see about the trip, as i'm sure you can guess from my own posts, i never get sicks of travel pictures : ) oh and i completely forgot that you live in Belgium too, what a shame when I was so close!


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