Budapest: (last and narcistic) part 5

March 27, 2013

Man, it's been a week since I last blogged! I'm going to broke every rule and blog about the same subject twice in a row. I'm such a blogrebel, right? Life has been crazy busy. I found some work for three months so I can save up for summer where I have crazy hours and it's so exhausting! And on top of that, I'm redoing my entire room with my parents so that's keeping us busy as well. I'm finally used to the rhythm though so I won't be so tired anymore.

So here is the final part of my trip to Budapest. Kind of a narcistic post because they're all selfies but well, some of them are awesome (if I may say so myself). Most of them were taken by my friend obviously so all credits to her. And you can even see some outfits in there so consider my fashion attribution done as well.

I'll end this with a call to Mother Nature:
Dear Mother Nature, I know periods are hard to deal with (every women has been there), but please don't lose yourself entirely please. Spring technically started six days ago and there's still snow everywhere! Please just grab a jar of Nutella and eat it with a spoon. It helps, promise. Also, I invested in a pair of sunglasses today so please don't let that money go to waste.
Sincerely, a girl that already spent way too much on her spring and summer garderobe

Really fun effect in the Museum of Modern Arts. | Below right: a window in the St. Mathias church

Going down for the subway. | Below left: Museum of Modern Arts | Below right: in the subway with it's modern interior haha.

When we climbed the stairs for the old Buda part, this dog was watching everyone who passed by. Really cute! | Below: posing with a peacock!

Again in the subway. | Below: petting a cute goat!


  1. I love these pictures, your glasses, and hair. Thanks for telling Mother Nature what is up!

  2. nutella always helps. :) great pics!

  3. I LOVE these! I think I like the pictures with the person in them on vacation the best - I like seeing you enjoying things and in the places. That dog sounds awesome, I love that you posed wtih him! And what a cute lil goat!

  4. I love the goat! All these photos are super cool. I like the subway one the most.

  5. Cooole foto's! Zalig dat ge geposeerd hebt met een pauw :) En die tweede foto is echt awesome! Superleuk effect! Ik hoop ook dat de lente snel in het land is :)

  6. Wow, Budapest! What an amazing trip, it must have been beautiful.I especially love that stain glass photo you took- it looks like something out of a book. And I'm loving your hair! I always wanted that side shaved, too.

    And good luck with your busy schedule, it's good to hear you're finally getting used to the rhythm of it. Don't get too stressed :)

    xo Marlen

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  7. I love the 2nd from botton pict<3<3


  8. Oh gorgeous pictures!

  9. love how you ran into so many animals there, so cute! & def isn't narcissistic since it's in so many cool places! although i do know what u mean, i feel the same on vacay being like oh, take a pic of me, take a pic bcuz i'm thinking of making posts... kinda dumb of me actually. but i loved seeing these!


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