Budapest: part 2

March 05, 2013
budapest great market hall
The Great Market Hall - groundfloor. Also, it was HUGE!

Today I'll show you some pictures of the third and fourth day from my trip to Budapest. There aren't that many pictures this time because to be honest, we kind of slacked the third day because we finally found the shopping streets haha. We visited lots of shops and well, time flew by and we realized we had completely forgotten about our other plans.

On Monday (so the third day), we visited the Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) which is a huge three story market full of fresh food. We found that one side of the groundfloor was full of fruit, the other side was filled with meat. The other floors were mostly filled with dozens of souvenirs. We left there, planning to walk to the Parliament (which obviously didn't happen). On the way there we walked past an 'ice bar' and we just couldn't get passed it without checking it out! Obviously, we were freezing and to be honest, the drinks were disgusting! But it was pretty cool. And well, I already told you what happened next: some serious shopping! We were pretty worn out afterwards so we stepped inside the first restaurant we found. Hunger leads you to bad mistakes apparantly because we had the most horrible pastas ever! When we stepped outside to go back to the hotel though, we found an awesome cheap shoeshop that was still open and I found a wonderful pair of boots.

Tuesday, we decided we were going to tackle the majority of our to do list. We started with the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépmuvészeti Múzeum) where you had to buy an additional ticket to take pictures which we didn't know. I did take a picture with my phone but that will come along in another post. We continued with the House of Terror which is a museum about communism and the second world war. We finished our day with some sightseeing at the Parliament. We heard it wasn't really worth the money to go inside so we didn't do that. Oh and I almost forgot, we visited the Jewish district as well. We had dinner at a Thai place near the Synagogue but since we're both pretty picky eaters, it wasn't really a hit either but all in all I think the place was pretty good. The last thing we did thay day was visit Instant bar, a famous ruin pub. This place has so many rooms, from supertiny to massive. I wish there was something alike in my neighbourhood! I was actually really satisfied with all the things we visited!

Budapest great market hallBudapest great market hallice bar budapestice bar budapestheroes square budapest
Heroes square (Hosok Tere) is right next to the Museum of Fine Arts.

budapest museum of fine arts
That's me jumping in front of the Museum of Fine Arts.
budapest house of terrorbudapest house of terrorbudapest house of terrorbudapest synagogue
The awesome Instant bar. Well yes, that's a group of (fake) bunnies you see on the ceiling.


  1. Amazing shots, doll! Budapest looks like an incredible city. :)


  2. what fun pictures! i have never been, but it looks amazing!

  3. beautiful pictures! I would like to go to Budapest one day!

  4. Oh wow, looks and sounds like a wonderful trip! Thank you so much for sharing the photos and a few tips on places to visit. x

  5. Cool photos. You guys looked cold even bundled up! Love the jumping picture.

  6. Zaaaaalige foto's, ik kan niet wachten om weer eens op vakantie te gaan. Zo kleurrijk! Ik word er meteen vrolijk van!

  7. Fabulous pictures of a beautiful place :)

  8. Wow, what an amazing trip!
    Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the giveaway we're hosting for a $50.00 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

  9. the architecture there looks gorgeous! how long were you there for?


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