Budapest: part 3

March 12, 2013
budapest holocaust museum synagogue
the synagogue after the museum

Already the last part of my trip to Budapest.. But don't worry, I've found a way to share even two more posts about it after this one. It already seems like such a long time ago while it's not even a month ago. These are pictures from our last day there. We didn't have that much time anymore because we had to catch our plane at about 5pm but we did do some fun things.

In the morning, we visited the Holocaust Museum. I'm really interested in history, especially about the second world war. The museum was really interesting, with lots of different stories and facts. We didn't read everything because we didn't have enough time but I would definitely recommend it. At some point though, there's a horrifying video. I almost had to cry. It might upset some people's stomach too. At the end of your walk through the museum, you get into a synagogue but I didn't really get the specifics of it.

After our museum visit, we decided to have a quick (cheap) lunch at McDonalds and then we went to the zoo! I love animals and I love zoos (well, if it's well built and comfortable for the animals at least but that's another story) so I was really glad we went there. I didn't think it was really appropriate to take pictures in the Holocaust Museum so this post will consist mainly out of cute animals. It's an extreme contrast, from such a rough part of history to cute animals but I'm glad we ended with the zoo. That way, we had a really good feeling when it was time to leave eventually.

I'm still going to share some picture I took with my phone (panorama shots for example) and a whole post of selfies! It's quite funny actually, my camera was full of photos of Jelle (the girlfriend I went with) and hers was full of photo's of me. So that's still coming up as well!

Would you visit a zoo when you're on vacation? building budapest architecture
Budapest was full of amazing buildings. I'm sorry I can't tell you what this is, we just passed by it when walking from the museum to the zoo. If anyone knows, let me know.
budapest zoo rhino
Beautiful rhino in the zoo. They were inside because it way too cold outside. Same story for the giraffes below. 
budapest zoo giraffebudapest zoo
This mister here was a real star. When we walked in the pavillion, he was sleeping and when he heard us, he immediately put up his head and posed like this untill we walked away again. 
budapest zoo bear
My first time ever seeing a brown bear! This diva just walked away though when we were passing by. Still, I'm so glad I finally saw one in real life! 
budapest zoo tiger
Another precious photomodel. The picture below is some statue from inside the zoo.
budapest zooBudapest zoo camel
If you are wondering why this camel is standing with his legs wide open, he just did his deed. Which was pretty hilarious to see. 
budapest zoo outside
Also, this was the outside of the zoo, really pretty as well! 


  1. So pretty! I love going to zoos (especially in foreign countries!) and this looks gorgeous!

  2. These photos are amazing! That's the zoo?!!?! Say what- so cool. I've never viited a zoo with suh cool archiecture.

  3. I would totally visit a zoo on vacation! Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things to do EVER. :) I wanted to thank you for your comment on my Vlog. I am so glad you watched it. I did add a link to the website I uploaded it to, if you wanted to watch the end. I know you said you had trouble viewing all of it. :( Not sure why that happened to you. Thanks again.

  4. Oh. My. Beautiful! And what is funny is I used to live where bears were basically in my backyard:) Oh how things change when you cross the ocean...and travel to the middle of no where too.

    newest follower!

    When Mine Became Ours

  5. that roof is gorgeous! and yes, id' def go to the zoo, we went when we visited seattle and def was a fun activity to do. love your pics of the little animals.


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