Budapest: part 4

March 20, 2013
It's already a whole month ago that I was in another country. This is the one before last about that trip. Are you sick of it already? I feel like phonepictures don't really fit in regular posts so here they are. I love the panorama option!

This is a panorama shot from right in front of our hotel. Do you see that McDonals? Yeah, big mistake!

The girl in the middle is my friend and I couldn't not share this. I think this picture is too freaking awesome. Lots of the subways were really old but oh so charming

One of my favorite pictures ever. Me and the whole city of Budapest before me. Well okay, the old Buda after me.

This was the inside of the old tramwagon we ate in our second day, really neat. | Inside the Museum of Modern Arts, fancy.

On our last evening visiting the parliament (from the outside haha).

My last dinner there. We chose a Thai place which wasn't that bad but not that good either. | And my last lunch. Seriously, I still cannot grasp how freaking cheap McDonalds was. For a menu here in Belgium, you pay around €7. There it was €4! And for all the food (and drink) pictured above, I only paid €2.5. Crazy!

And eventually, Budapest from the sky on our plane home.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I really love your use of the panorama! So cool!
    ♥Emma Deer

  2. I really want to visit Budapest! Love your photos. I'm a new(ish) follower on Bloglovin'!
    -Leia @ Latitude Adjustment

  3. i love the photo on the airplane <3

  4. Aw, this trip looks so fun!
    I love the subway picture! This adventure must have been really fun!

  5. I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Suuuupertoffe panoramafoto's seg!!! Tof gedaan! Met een Iphone appje? Of...? :)

    1. Op iPhone heb je automatisch de panorama optie staan wanneer je een foto neemt. Gewoon bij camera naar 'opties' gaan en op panorama klikken! xo

  7. McDonalds in different countries interests me - the prices are really different! I remember when my friend saw how cheap a filet of fish was here compared to Portugal. Anyyhowww all these panoramas are SO COOL!

  8. What an amazing trip! I love all the pictures!

  9. Wow, these images are so cool! I love panorama... they always boggle my mind how wide they are, lol! Must have been a really fun trip!

  10. I am not sick of living vicariously through people who are sharing photos of their travels in exotic places! I have not yet been to Budapest, but then again, the Navy never brought me there either. Thai food is my favorite! -Jess L


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