Motivating Monday: travelplans USA!

March 11, 2013

I've been so so excited about my travelplans this summer! I have never even left Europe and now I'm going all the way over the ocean. Also, the longest I've been on a plain is 4 hours, now it's going to be more than the double! I'M GOING/COMING TO THE USA PEOPLE!!!!!

My boyfriend has family in Illinois where we'll be staying for ten days (from July the 15th through the 25th) with his mother and sister. They live in Batavia so we'll definitely be going to Chicago for a few days as well. And now something that might be even more exciting: my boyfriend and me are leaving there the 25th and we're going to New York, just the two of us! We'll be staying there for three nights and eventually leaving again the 28th to Belgium.

I absolutely can't wait for it. I've been waiting for this for several years and now it's finally happening! Also, we're still looking for an affordable place to stay in New York so please please please tell if you know something.

So, do you guys have any tips for Illinois (near Batavia)/Chicago/New York? 
(places to see/places to eat/...)


  1. I'm so excited for you!!!!! I haven't been to New York. I hope to get there someday! You are going to have so much fun!

  2. I lived in Chicago for seven years. It's a beautiful city and you will love it! Go to Au Cheval for killer burgers and Lou Malnati's for the best Chicago style pizza (an absolute must). Some sources may recommend Giordano's or Geno's for pizza, but they are wrong. Lou Malnati's is where it's at. Trust me. And for a nice dinner, Avec is wonderful.

    As for an affordable place to stay in NYC, airbnb is the way to go.

    Have fun!!!

  3. Oops, I meant Gino's (not Geno's).

  4. This sounds so exciting! So happy to hear you get a chance to visit the good ol us of a :] I used to live in Wisconsin (a few hours north of Chicago) so we went there on a fairly regular basis. I'm trying to remember the name of an excellent tapas place near there, but apart from that I'm just going to echo everyone else and try the pizza! :]

  5. Thats really exciting. I'm from Chicago and I lived in NYC for 2 years. I don't really know any good places to stay but try some hostels and definitely book early.

  6. This is awesome! Congrats! I haven't been to Chicago yet, but NYC is my all time favorite! You will so much enjoy it!

  7. Oh, that is SO exciting for you!!! I am happy for you and want to give an early welcome to the states! I grew up s few hours north of Chicago in a small town in Wisconsin :]
    ♥Emma Deer

  8. aahhh! that's so exciting, I'm happy for you! and dude, you're only going to be 3 hours away from where I live!! If you have time/ want to meet up let me know! I'll probably be on vacation somewhere along those dates as well because my wedding anniversary is the 22nd. Hope you have fun!!

  9. We stayed in a nice place in Brooklyn, but it was a pretty long trek into Manhattan I suppose. But it was around the corner from the BEST breakfast place:
    Tom's Restaurant
    782 Washington Avenue
    Brooklyn 11238

  10. That's exciting and cool! I have never been to the States either, but am also planning a trip there this summer. Hopefully for a week or 3. I'm hoping to get tips from you ;)

  11. Zo leuk!! Ik wil ook al zo lang eens gaan rondtrekken in de us, maar daar heb ik het geld
    nog niet voor. Someday.. :).

  12. Oh neat! I missed this - then again, I haven't read my blog login blogs sinceFriday (but still, should have seen this)

    Have fun - there is a ton in new york - venture a bit off the path and find some good food!

  13. how fun! i loved visiting chicago the two times i've been so i'm sure you'll have fun. plus should be gorgeous in summer!


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