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March 14, 2013

Say hi to the Belgian weather! From perfect spring weather to snow in one day. And that snow has been going on for four days already, meh. But well, it wasn't that bad actually. It's not that cold and otherwise I wouldn't have had pictures in the snow once! About these pictures, I have no idea what I'm standing next to. It's a formation of cut trees in the street to mine but why it's there or what it means? No freaking clue.

I wore different shoes (just regular black boots) but I didn't want them to get dirty in the snow/mud so I switched to these. My boyfriend wasn't so lucky though, both of his shoes were filles with water, hehe. But well, snow or no snow, I'm in spring mode. I have spent my last money today on the most perfect bag and some pastel jewelry. And last sunday after the fashion show I picked up some more spring goodies. One of them was this sweater but that's appropriate all year long I think. Ahhh, so ready! But that's everything for this season. I have to save up for my trip ofcourse!

Also, I want to ask you all to please follow me through RSS or Bloglovin' because GFC is dissapearing! THE HORROR! I loved my GFC feed. There are other follow options too ofcourse like Feedly but I'm still looking into that! Anyway, we still have time 'till June thank god. Did you use GFC?

sweater: Only | skirt, tights: Primark | denim shirt, black longsleeve: H&M | necklace: JBC | boots: Brantano


  1. cute look ;)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  2. You always have the best backdrops! I really love the shoulders of that sweater.

    I think the only problem I have with snow right now is that I cannot wear the shoes I want. I want to wear heels, but I got to wear my wellies.

    Happy Friday!

  3. cuuuute cute outfit! That structure you're by is pretty sweet, even though who knows what it is?! haha. Oh ya, aaaand if you do want to meet up while you're here, don't worry about transportation; we'll come to you! We could just swing by for a lunch date or something. Just something to think about, I know you're going to be super busy so no worries!

  4. Toffe foto's! Zo vrolijk :-) Ik gebruik gelukkig Bloglovin', dus hier geen problemen. Maar moet het ook nog aan mijn volgers verkondigen (al heb ik de laatste dag er wel plots veel volgers via Bloglovin' bij, dus zij hebben het 'goede' nieuws al gehoord!)

  5. Great look ! Love your knit :)
    Yeap I've been hearing a lot about GFC disappearing, but I've never really used it anyways.. Bloglovin' has worked well for me. :)

    Indie by heart
    ps.NINJ & NINJ -print giveaway

  6. Leuke outfit! Mooie foto's ook. :)

  7. Gorgeous location and love the look! Nice sweater!




  8. Mooie foto's! En leuke outfit :)
    Ik volg je!

  9. This is my favorite outfit post I think. You look beautiful. The weather is the same way here. Spring is trying to fight it's way through, but the snow keeps coming and going. I use BlogLovin, but I am going to check out Feedly. (I follow you on BlogLovin already.)

  10. This sweater is the coolest! I love this location too, these photos are great!

  11. I still can't believe Google reader is dead! I've been using it for years. Ugh! Oh well! And I love this sweater - what a cool little detail on teh shoulders , I love stuff like that. It looks so pretty where you are

  12. i think those boots are great for the snow and those trees are really cool.


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