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April 04, 2013

We took these pictures last weekend (on easter actually) while letting his dog out. There's a beautiful park nearby my boyfriend's house. There used to be a little castle but unfortunately, it's completely destroyed and they're going to take everything down. We're planning on exploring the ruins next week! Anyway though. This was my outfit on Easter. It looks pretty sunny (and it was) but it was still so cold. And it still is actually, real bummer.

I bought this dress in Budapest on sale and I really really like it. Especially because it's the perfect length for me. It was probably on sale though because the studs on the shoulders are very loose. But I don't really mind, maybe I'll strengthen them a bit in the near future. Oh and these boots are from Budapest as well actually. Not much more to tell, I guess. I could add that I love the first picture below. I love that you can see my tattoo. It's quite hidden and I don't like to pose with the intention of making it visible but this was a bit by accident which is fun I think. I'm still so in love with it!

Now I'm going to work on my room a bit more. Okay that's a lie. I'm going to watch Girls. (But I did work on my room! We'll assembling the main piece for it, I'll show you soon.)

PS: I'm recently into using song titles as post titles. Check out this song here. I've been loving it from the very beginning. Especially because it's so spontaneous.

dress: Pull & Bear | cardigan: WE | boots: unknown (Budapest) | scarf: H&M | tights: Veritas | earring: C&A


  1. I LOVE the color of your tights! So chic!

  2. Wat een SUPER mooi jurkje, echt leuk :D maar wel koud :D !

  3. Wauw mooi kleedje! Tof gecombineerd met die kleur panty :-) en uw tattoo ziet er echt cool uit! Kan begrijpen dat je er heeel blij mee bent :-)

  4. ah, adorable outfit! I get to go to a castle next week for the first time ever! It's for a friend's bridal breakfast, and I'm fretting about what to wear...haha! Have fun exploring the ruins! You should snag a piece of brick or something for a souvenir!

  5. I love the colour of those tights! And really nice outfit. :)

  6. I love the tights! Such a pretty shade of red. You look so pretty!!!

  7. Oooo I love the sleeve detail of this dress!

    And I love that color of tights.

  8. Great outfit, and I love the photos :-)

  9. I love love this dress. It's always find the right length. They are always too small on me. Also, I love that shade of red tights. I had a pair and they ripped!

  10. you look beautiful! I really like your style.
    Wish you a nice day :-*

  11. What a cute Look!

  12. aww girl you look gorgeous in that cream & burgundy shawl. are those fall leaves on the ground though? what a gorgeous place your bf (or his fam) lives in!



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