March 2013

April 03, 2013

I say this over and over again but boy, this month went by fast. Actually a blur this time. I can't even remember a single thing I did this month haha. But anyway, I'll try!

March in a nutshell
March wasn't that special. I worked quite a bit so I had to really adjust to the rhythm and in the midst of that all, we started redoing my entire room. It's only just painted so I'll be busy with that another week. In the beginning of the month though, I played model for a day at a fashion show in a local store which was pretty exciting.

A few of my favorite posts
- I shared practically everything from my trip to Budapest. The second and third part of my trip and then some phone pictures and selfies.
- Taking outfit pictures has been such an awesome thing to do lately. I actually really enjoy this. Here's one I shot myself with a tripod.
- My travelplans for this summer have been made! We still need a place to stay in NY thought so if you know something, please please tell me.
- Some more things about me.
- One of my favorite outfits and 'photo sessions' to date.

And some of my favorite online april fools jokes:
- Katherine from of Corgis and Cocktails did a nice job tricking everyone. She changed her whole layout and everything. I was totally fooled, you can even read my original reaction before I got it haha.
- Google has an awesome joke ready every year. This year it's google nose. Oh and they also changed to gmail blue which is kind of laughing with the hotmail outlook.
- This is a tricky one. I'm actually still not sure if this is an april fools joke or if it's real.. I do hope it's a joke because that would be hilarious. If not, it would be pretty sad haha. The new series from lookbook.

What was your favorite part of March? And did you already get tricked at the beginning of this month?


  1. Sounds like it was a great favorite part was finding out we are having a girl. And I ALMOST was tricked by google nose!!! LMAO!!!

  2. I can't believe March is over. Today I was looking at an email from March 11th and I thought "oh, they just sent this yesterday!" It went by so fast.

    I love that March is over and we're one step closer to summer.

    aayla @ mypaintedbird

  3. Hehe, those are some funny April Fools jokes indeed :-) I almost got tricked! By Karen at themakeupandbeautyblog. Almost :-)

  4. I wish I would of seen Katherine's blog design! I missed it. :( I love all your self portraits. That was a very cool post. :)

  5. im glad you did a little recap so i can get caught up : )


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