15 reasons I'm a catlady

May 29, 2013

You are definitely a cat lady if...

1. Your instagram has so much pictures of your cats, it's causing people to stop following you. (And cat food labels start to follow instead...)

2. You don't mind if they wake you up in the middle of the night to cuddle. But you will rage against every single person that will wake you up before 9am. Especially your boyfriend/husband.

3. You recognize every single drawing from Cat vs Human.

4. You don't mind cleaning up their poo.

5. You think kittens are cuter than babies.

6. Your outfits have to contain at least one kitty themed item to become one of your favorites.

7. You prefer to sleep on the edge of your bed, as long as they have enough place to stretch out. (No one moves cats when they're asleep, right?) Also, you cannot get up if there's one or more just relaxing on top of you.

8. You consider them your best friends and tell them all of your secrets. And they answer.

9. You have a hard time going on vacation and leaving them behind. While you're on vacation, you have to check at least one time a day with the person that's taking care of them if they're okay.

10. You celebrate their birthday more decadently than yours.

11. You are not bothered at all when they insist on licking off your arm for a whole hour with their raw tongue. You're used to the feeling anyway.

12. You can't go out two days in a row because you're afraid your cats will be lonely.

13. You only buy fake plants and plastic pots to put them in and the furniture you buy them is more expensive than yours.

14. You're doubting whether you'll go out to dinner with that friend you haven't seen in a month if your cat seems to have a cold.

15. You have a cat tattoo. (double points!)

This basically applies for every single animal. If you count the ones you recognize, how much do you score out of sixteen?


  1. Shucks. I'm allergic to cats :( Super allergic. Scratch out my eyes allergic.

    I love that skirt :) And I love mixing patterns with stripes.

  2. I think I qualify for about half of these. Does that make me a mildly mentally disturbed cat lady?

  3. Cute post. I do tend to not move my cats in bed. We don't let them sleep with us all night anymore but we do have TV/Cuddle time. hahaha I can barely even get in the bed because of the kitty pile up on my side. Your tattoo is so pretty.

  4. Fun post! I love cats too, and I LOVE that skirt! :)

  5. haha wat een leuke post! Er zitten herkenbare dingen tussen.

  6. Wow, you definitely win mega-cat lady points with your tattoo! I love the cartoons :) My cat Tilly used to LOVE sitting on the edge of the bath! So cute!


  7. Catlady high five! En wow ik vind u tattoo echt ge-wel-dig!
    Super dat de ketting op je wishlist staat! Ben benieuwd hoe je hem zal dragen! :)



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