April & May 2013

May 31, 2013

I posted so little last month that I didn't even see the point in doing a monthly recap. Well actually, there's not much of a point to it now either because all I'm doing is basically linking back to every post I wrote haha. But I decided to add a little instagram recap as well in these monthly recaps from now on. I don't like doing seperate posts with just instagram pictures so well, that's new. Normally I say "wow, can you believe this month is already over" but I did feel like May went at a "normal" pace. It was a fun month none the less. I'm dreading June though, everyone has exams so it's going to be a boring month full of tension. I'm anxiously looking forward to July and my trip to the US!

A few of my favorite posts
- Unfortunately it was still really cold which resulted in this winterish outfit.
- We had a few sunny days as well as you can see and my niece took some pictures for the first time as well. And I'm now noticing that I've basically been mocking myself the last few posts.
- I'm a huge series addict and shared my favorite series intro's here and another favorites post about books here.
- The most exciting thing ever happened this month because we got our cat Laila a new friend and only three days after he arrived, they were already the best of friends. Oh and I also explained why I'm a crazy catlady.
- Something awkward (for me): I filmed my first video.
- I got a new design ofcourse as well. I still have a few minor issues so if anyone could help me out with those, please do!
- Free comic book day is something I just discovered and I already can't wait anymore for next year!

Some of my favorite instagrams from the past two months

What I've been (and am) thankful for
those rare moments of sunshine - sweet boyfriends (okay well, not plural) - the most fabulous kitties ever - making new friends - flowers - new summer clothes - getting the stains out of your favorite dress that you've been wearing basically every day - free comic books - grapefruitjuice - good food - discovering awesome blogs - fresh sheets on your bed - colour - making little trips - snail mail - and that's not only 10% of what I'm thankful for!


  1. I love your Instagram pictures :) I've checked out your snail mail posts and they are really cute! Good luck with your finals! :/

    X Valérie

  2. Lovely recap! Somehow I had missed your first vlog, I need to check it out! :)

  3. I like recap posts but don't like doing them for my own blog. Haha. Maybe at the end of June I will bring them back. :) I love that first photo of you. So pretty!

  4. I just found your blog and love it! Really glad I found it now, with this post I can check out all your latest stuff! I am also a crazy cat lady! ;)
    New follower xx


  5. I am the first time on your blog and you are so cute! Love the way you write and your review is great!

    Lots of Love, SAMOROUS

  6. seems like you've had a nice couple of months:-) x

  7. I could do with that ice cream right about now! x


  8. Kitties, Froyo and Walking Dead. What's not to love?


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