Arthur has arrived

May 15, 2013

I don't know why but he looks bigger here than he is in real life. He's still so freaking tiny! 

Saturday was the day I could go pick up our new kitty. I drove off with my boyfriend in the morning and we were there by 11pm. I was so excited to see him again! It had been a month and he had already grown so much. The woman we bought him from filled out the paperwork, gave us some more info and that was basically it, we could take him home! She did tell us that he was kind of a rascal (which has proven to be true). So we set off for the hour and a half drive home with him. He was so sad in the car, he cried almost the whole time. I felt so bad taking him away from his sisters, brothers and parents.

When we came home though, he saw our first cat Laila and he immediately stopped crying. I guess he was relieved there was still some company. One hour later and he was feeling totally at home. He was playing in our couch, exploring different parts of our house and taking regular breaks to eat. But.. Laila wasn't so happy to see him. She treated him like an invasive intruder and kept hissing and growling all day long. She didn't let him out of her sight for one single second. And Arthur was so sweet. He kept trying to make contact but she just wouldn't let him.

Sunday (so the second day), she was kind of tired from hissing all of the time and only did it when he came too close. He kept trying though and after a while she just kind of slapped him to get him away from her. He took this as a sign to play and tried to grab her tail. She turned around and ran away. The first time she didn't keep an eye on him! It was funny though because after a while she came back and they just started playing.. So sudden! With the occassional hiss from time to time.

They play rough!  

Monday evening, we caught them for the first time just laying next to each other. And later in the evening, Laila started washing Arthur . I was so glad! It's now Wednesday and they're already freaking inseparable. They do everything together. Sleep, play, eat, go to the toilet (I swear, they take turns and then go back doing whatever they were doing). He totally thinks she's his mother because his tries to get milk from her. After a while her belly is totally red but she just lets him and licks him while she's trying.

I'm really glad with the way things worked out (and so freaking fast). Laila hasn't cried one single time since he's here while she used to every day while we were gone (neighbours could hear it) or when she didn't get enough attention. And the fun part is that we didn't have to give up any cuddle time with her. Now it has just doubled with the little one here. They're adorable to watch. I'm glad Laila finally has a little friend and that Arthur feels so at home. While I'm typing this, he's sleeping between my ribs and arm and she's on my legs. Oh and by the way, these pictures were taken in the same ten minutes haha. 

Have you ever 'added' a second pet to your home? How did it go?

This photo cracks me up so much!


  1. He's so cute! I'm glad Laila has a little pal to hang out with. I'm sure they'll get up to tons of mischief together when you leave them at home.

  2. Awww this is just too adorable! I love hearing stories like these. What's the age difference between those two?!

    Yes! Brought home a 2 month old puppy and our 5 year old dog was not assumed. She started to act like a baby. Eventually that passed and the two are fine with each other :D

  3. awww.. he's so cute!! I never thought I would think hairless cats are cute but.. I think I really want one. I would love to just hold him in my bag.

  4. so cute and that's good they are slowly getting along better. we added a second dog and it took our first dog a little time to warm up to her. they are (mostly) best friends now haha. new follower from the aloha hop!
    -- please vote! shoe styling contest

  5. Wow! They are amazing pets, I love them! Too cute. You are so lucky that they have got on so quickly, it was meant to be! We introduced another cat to our home, same as you, girl first, then boy...and the girl still really hates the boy and growls if he goes near her! :( I am so glad your pets get along, they really are the cutest pair. New follower from the hop, it would be great if you could follow me back too? Happy weekend!

  6. Great photos. I am so glad that they are getting along well so quickly. I had the same thing happen with two of my cats. The older cat was mad at first that I had bought a kitten into the house. After a few days they were playing together. Cats are usually really good about accepting each other. :) He is so cute. Love the name you picked.


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