Motivating Monday #26

May 06, 2013

Well hi there. How are you? I'm Dorien. Nice to meet you! I'm so sick of neglecting this little blog over here. I've tackled a whole lot of posts the past weekend so be prepared to have me around again. I even have an outfit post ready. Whut?? I know, right! Okay back to normal now. Enjoy the 'regular' motivating monday!

© Most awesome diy I've come across in a long time, I really want to try this for summer

© Beautiful books. It's really cool for discovering new ones as well.

© Pretty picks from August Wrinkle.

© This is awesome. Do you recognize all of them? I challenge someone to make one of downton abbey haha! Two and a half men and big bang theory would make a fun one as well.

© Sometimes crying babies are hilarious as well. I like the owner's own posts the best. (Scroll down a bit.)

© An inspiring website. Not just your regular streetstyle.

© Coming Saturday, we're going to pick up our new kitty Arthur (so freaking excited) and I thought I'd get my cat used to the idea by showing her cute videos. This resulted in her meowing like crazy and scratching my computer screen. It was too freaking adorable actually. Can't wait to see how they get along.

© This is an article in Dutch but it's about the audio ofcourse. I don't really know why this excites me so much but it is pretty rad to hear Alexander Graham Bell, right?

© Did you notice these little quirks in Disney movies before? I totally didn't! (Click on the green next button below.)

© A hilarious video. I like to watch these kinds of videos because husbands (or fusbands) don't really do that well. Neither does this one haha. Oh and well, they're both just awesome.


  1. I love that phone cover. I need to get a newer iphone though, because they don't have iphone covers for the first one every made. (it's so old)

    I love those quotations earring so much :)

  2. That is a pretty cool DIY! Found you on the Aloha hop. Now following your blog, twitter, fb and Pinterest. Would love follows back

  3. That Dexter layout is awesome. I don't think of would of guessed it. hahaha


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