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May 08, 2013

A rare picture without glasses. I actually can't see without these sunglasses (or my regular glasses) so that's why haha. (I don't like lenses.)

Ever since I bought these pants, I've been practically living in them. I don't know why but I feel so confident when I wear them. Especially when I'm wearing my sunglassess as well. I have to say, I feel particularly proud that there's only one item from H&M in this whole outfit. I've made a promise to myself that I won't buy anything at H&M anymore untill my birthday in September, except for the basics like socks. Or underpants. Actually no more buying at all untill my trip to the US. I have to save some money, obviously. My grandmother did promise me a shopping trip though, I hope she'll buy me some stuff haha. No but really, I've been receiving so much the last couple of weeks and I don't think I show how grateful I am (or not enough at least) but I am, truly. 

Further, my boyfriend just got back from a schooltrip to Barcelona today so I'm hoping to spend some quality time with him. I guess that's all I have to say. It's hard sometimes to come up with things to say. I mean, you can only talk about clothes so much. I have this problem in real life too you know. My grandmother always asks me to say something but I just don't really have anything to say. I'm actually a really quiet person. Although my boyfriend would probably say otherwise. He's the only one that feels like I talk too much. 

While rambling, I actually thought of something to say. I kind of forced my niece Jill to take these pictures because I was so sick of my tripod. She's only eight, go figure. I think she did a great job though. This is her below. We sorted through our pictures together and she liked the second one below. That's what you get when your niece says you have to pretend to be sexy. That's right, she said pretend. And this is how I had to do it.

Oh and by the way, this title is from a song by the winner of the Voice (in Belgium). She's actually really good and I like the song. You can watch it here. (I hope everyone can see it.) And one of my favorite performances of the show. I actually only watched the finale but well. I thought that was awesome haha.

jacket: Primark | shirt: Vila | pants: Vero Moda | shoes: Sacha | sunglasses: Superdry | scarf: C&A | bag: H&M


  1. Yes,your niece did a great job these photos are really good ;)Love your bag!

  2. I think it's cool that you let her take the photos. How fun! I love your pants. I'm undecided on whether or not I would like flower pants for myself. I do love the bright colors! :) Your niece is adorable by the way.

  3. love it :D cute pants :)

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  4. I LOVE the pants! Those are so feminine and springy! Hope you had a great time with your boyfriend!

  5. Love the pants! Such a fun print :) Isn't it funny how some clothes just make you feel confident and put together?

    Lovely photos!

  6. Hele leuke outfits, ik vind je schoenen echt heel tof! xx Lara

  7. Those pants look so comfy? I always wear the same thing over and over again because I know (no matter what) they will look good.

  8. Thank you for co-hosting the blog hop! I started following you on google friend connect.

    Ashley @

  9. Child labor, I see.:D She did a phenomenal job actually, I hope you bought her an ice cream or something afterwards.;) And she's smart and sassy too: "Pretend to be sexy." :D Great pants by the way, babe.;)

  10. I love that these pants boost your confidence! I am definitely awry of wearing prints on the bottom (especially a busy one like this), but they look GREAT on you!

  11. Hey Dorien! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very cute look! Love the floral pants!


  12. That shirt is just so adorable! Also, those pants are just so fun!



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