Motivating Monday #28

June 10, 2013

Hi guys! I'm back in full force this week. Apparantly my internet doesn't work upstairs but it does downstairs, my god. And that's why I had an internet deprived week, can't believe it. Anyway, let's kick this week off with some motivating things!

© What do grandmothers cook around the world? Really interesting. (Click start in the right corner on the bottom.) My favorite at my grandma is 'stoofvlees' which is a kind of stew. Browse around on that site by the way, there are more superawesome projects on there.

© I will try this DIY bag one day!

© Have you seen these glowing waterfalls? Wonderful photography.

© Wishlist of the week: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
wishlist june 9

© I already shared some other floorplans before but this is one from the Big Bang Theory.

© 100 people from different ages count to 100. It's in Dutch but that would be a good way to train your counting to 100 in Dutch haha. Plus, it's lovely no matter what.

© These mini tarts look delicious! I get obsessed with rhubarb in summer, my grandma used to make delicious juice from it.

© Could you stare at a phone screen for an hour while others try to distract you?

© Do any of you know Ali? He has the greatest style.

© I would love a bag with my zodiac sign. I'm afraid it's a tiny bit above my budget though.

© Downtown NY from behind.

© The baby bachelor! This cracks me up so much! I have to admit, the bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures.


  1. nice picks!! I really like the 'what grandmother's cook'. Unfortunately all of my grandmothers are not found of cooking. I think I have more grandmother like qualities than they do.

  2. I love the transparant bag, would be so cool to make one yourself! :) x

  3. Wow, so much to look at! I'm a huge fan of everything Urban Decay and I LOVE the Naked palette. It's awesome.

    feathers and ash

  4. Dat horloge vind ik ook al zo lang zo mooi! En ik ben ook fan van de transparante tas, al denk ik dat ik hem nooit zou gebruiken want het zou er een rommeltje uitzien van binnen. Heb al mijn hoofd gebroken over hoe ik bv een (nep) leren versie zou kunnen maken maar uiteraard zie je het koper niet dan...Hmmm.

  5. Ooh die handtas zou ik ook wel eens zelf willen maken :D Ik heb de Naked Basics palette en ik ben er heel blij mee omdat 5 van de 6 ervan mat zijn! Maar natuurlijk vind ik de Naked (en Naked2) palette ook echt leuk... Haha grappig: ik heb de voorbije week ook zitten rondkijken op Ebay op zoek naar hair chalk! Weet nog niet of ik er zou bestellen want dan heb je ineens zo'n hele doos.. Zou het wel eens willen proberen :D

  6. That Mickey bag is so adorable!

  7. Wauuuw die glowing waterval! Leuke wishlist ^^


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