Deauty box May 2013 (Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream)

July 07, 2013

I recently won a giveaway from Liesbeth at Candy and Treats and I received the May Deauty box a few days later. I've always wanted to try a subscription box and I was so happy when I won! I decided to review the BB cream and show the other products as well.

A bit more about the box first. Deauty is a Belgian subscription box filled with beauty products. It's a monthly box that you can buy for €15 for 4-6 products each time. Seems like a really good deal to me! Here's what the May box contained.

1. Lamazuna - facial wipes (2 pieces - full size)
I had never thought about reusable cleansing wipes but that's actually really clever. How many cotton pads do you use? Not very environment friendly. They're meant to be used with warm water but I always clean my face with rosewater and that's fine too. I only needed one side of one wipe to clean my whole face so I could use them for four days before washing them. You should be able to reuse them up to 300 times. (€4 value)

2. Klorane - shampoo with oats (100ml - full size)
I've only washed my hair with it once but it felt really soft and clean afterwards. It's supposed to be an extremely gentle shampoo that helps repair your hair and while I can't exactly say if that's the case yet, I am going to try this out a bit more. (€5 value)

3. Avène - repairing after sun lotion (50ml)
After sun always comes in handy. I haven't had a sunburn yet (thankfully) but my face did feel a little irritated after the festival I went to the previous weekend and this lotion was a relief. It feels calming on your skin and has a nice consistency. (€15.7 value for 200ml)

4. Bo-Ho Green Revolution Terracotta powder (9g - full size)
A completely natural bronzer with a light shimmer. I'm not really one for the bronzers (probably because I'm so clumsy) but I do think it's a shade that would work for almost everyone. Although you have to be careful not to make it turn out orange. This is going to be a great product to test out shaping. (€12.95 value)

5. Garnier Ambre Solaire - BB Cream SPF30 (50ml)
When I saw this product, I was anxious to try it out. I have never tried a bb cream before, crazy right? I recently got rid of my foundation because my skin couldn't stand it anymore so I hoped this could be my solution. When I swatched it on my hand I was afraid it was way too orange but when you spread it out, it phased into your skin wonderfully.

As you can see on the full faces below, it doesn't cover well but it does hide some redness and makes for an overall prettier shade. I used it two days and then waited a couple of days, which is enough to cause a reaction to my skin and it just didn't! I have pretty sensible skin that's prone to break outs so I'm really happy this was light and gentle. I'm definitely going to use this more, if not everyday. (€11.99 value)

This is probably my first 'beauty review'. I like doing this so I'm probably going to do this more. Is it something you like reading about?


  1. Leuk dat je het zo fijn vindt :-) en je gezicht ziet er helemaal gloway uit met de BB sun cream!


  2. It's funny how almost all the products are French! :) Oh, and I LOVE beauty posts, so feel free to write dozens of them.

  3. Ik ben ook aan het twijfelen voor die deauty box aan te vragen. Ik denk dat ik wel even wacht tot mijn budget het terug toelaat :p

  4. Ik zou ook graag eens zo'n deauty box bestellen. Leuk dat je eerst eens eentje kon uitproberen. Die BB crème ziet er goed uit! Ik ben er eentje van Biotherm aan het uittesten via een staaltje dat ik meekreeg.
    Zo'n posts zijn trouwens heel leuk!

    Marlies (


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