Motivating Monday #29

July 01, 2013

I'm starting to create the habit of doing these posts every other week which I think is better than each week. There are so many link posts already, I feel I'm just copying them. Plus, a week seems so short! So from now on, this is officially a two week thing haha.

© One of the most fun streetstyle blogs. The photographer only shoots couples which is a nice change.

© I don't know where but I remember seeing a tank top with the moon cycle on someone's blog (I think it was from Brandy Melville) and thanks to Kinsey, I now realize it's totally doable yourself! Must try this really soon.

© The best wedding picture EVER. (By Quinn Miller)

© I'm betting you didn't know half of these animals.

© I'm on a bit of a Game of Thrones kick these days. The third season is over which sucks, so I'm amusing myself with internet bits. Everyone who watches GoT probably recognizes this... I like watching interviews and other things about the actors and I came across this (I love 12). And how about an 90's look? I wish this exhibition was near me.


© It's an old (and really easy) DIY but it's something clumsy persons like me can handle. I'm looking forward to picking out some fabric scraps at my grandma to try it myself.

© If you haven't watched Girls, you're missing out. Actress (and producer) Lena Dunham is freaking awesome, here is some proof.

© It's no valentine or anything but I'd love to make a thraumatrope sometime as a little gift.

© Why no one should mess with the ocean. A fun read.

© Nicely done Adobe.


  1. lol those are some strange animals... that dolphin reminds me a beastly slug.

    I can't believe I just watched that adobe video. xD so late!

  2. That wedding picture is PERFECT! :)

  3. Hoe lief zijn die Thaumatropes!? Echt leuk! En die kale wasbeertjes zijn suuuuuper eng!!!! :o x

  4. I love the show girls. I think I got through the first season in a day.


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