Outfit bloopers #1

July 03, 2013
For the past couple of months, I saved a ridiculous outtake instead of deleting them. Trust me, there are more bloopers to choose from than decent pictures. Here are a few. And yes, you're allowed to laugh. I'll probably be doing this again once I have enough images again, let me know if you think that's a good idea.

"You have to snap pictures from over THERE!"

Looking in the sun makes for flawless skin right?

I have no idea..

Trying to make jumping pictures is always a goldmine.

This actually would've been a good picture if my face looked like something!

Ok, I admit, I did the duckface on purpose. Only because I think it's hilarious though.

Again, jumping pictures...

And this is my absolute favorite. I was thinking of Tyra Banks and something like "make use of your surroundings". So I thought it was a good idea to grab a branch and make a sour model face. This cracked me up so much when I saw it!


  1. Haha, these are great! And I love that you have a fun enough sense of yourself to share them with the world instead of hiding or deleting them.
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  2. I love the bloopers!! Did you take the photos with a tripod or was someone else taking them for you?

    1. Both! Sometimes my boyfriend took them, other times I did it with my tripod. xo

  3. Haha wel zalig die bloopers, het is altijd goed als je ook eens met jezelf kan lachen, ik doe dat ook soms :p (Btw, ik las ergens dat je graag wou dat mensen het zeiden als je een fout schreef in het Engels, je hebt 'aloud' geschreven ipv 'allowed', just saying! :)

  4. That is awesome! I love them. Great idea on saving them and posting them!


  5. Funny photos! I have tons that I think just look ridiculous. Maybe I'll share one day. :-)


  6. HAHA the last one is just great! You should totally send those in to Tyra.

    xo, Hima

  7. jumping pictures always have the best bloopers. especially if you do the setting where the self timer takes ten in a row - there's usually only two good ones out of fifty!

  8. Hahaha, zo tof! Een beetje zelfspot is nooit verkeerd, vind ik. Bij de laatste dacht ik ook aan ANTM! Ge hebt dat goed geimiteerd :)

  9. Yesss!! This is a great feature, keep it up!! :) We all have moments like this, you're just brave enough to share them, haha!

  10. haha wat een geweldige bloopers! Bedankt voor je leuke comment, ik ben je beginnen volgen op bloglovin!

  11. Hihi die laatste, ik zie meteen een fotoshoot uit ANTM voor mij :-D


  12. och hoe leuk die bloopers :p toch hou ik mijn mislukte outfitfotos liefst van al voor mezelf :p

  13. Ahahahaha! ^^ Altijd leuk om te zien ;) Mijn mislukte foto's gaan vaak recht naar de prullenmand, omdat ik er op het moment dat ik bewerk niet aan denk om zo'n post is te doen, al zou het wel eens een leuke afwisseling zijn. x

  14. hahaha this is great. I have so many blooper shots as well. I have some where you can clearly see me yelling at Cody. hahaha We should do a "post your blooper" outfit post day where we all post them at the same time. ;)


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