Tough girl act

July 10, 2013

top & (fake) leather jacket: H&M | pants: Primark | bandana: GMM | shoes: Nike | lipstick: E.L.F.

Last weekend, I went for drinks with my boyfriend and some friends and this is what I wore. It was freaking hot during the day but it cooled down in the evening so I opted for pants, as we were probably going to sit outside a large part of the evening. I loved the red lipstick, really! Good thing was, it kind of stained and when the top 'layer' dissapeared, my lips still had a lovely red colour without ugly spots

I bought this bandana on the festival I went to, graspop. We first bought it as a kind of joke for my boyfriend in red which resulted in a super enthusiastic friend of ours that wanted it so he bought us a new green one. And I kind of claimed it mine. So that's that. I guess the only thing left to talk about are my shoes. I've had these Nike Air Max for two years already and I think they're absolutely gorgeous but I have a hard time pairing them with.. well, anything. I think I'm able to pull them off this way though, what do you think? Any ideas on how they'd look super duper cool?

(PS: I hope you realize this title is a joke)


  1. Haha awesome outfit, altijd leuk om je zo eens wat stoerder te kleden!

  2. Loving everything about this look! The air maxs are hot and I'm trying to find me the perfect pair. :-)


  3. Love that cool jacket =)

    Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

  4. love the bandana worn like this! must give it a go for days I want to push my bangs back :)

  5. Loving the brick wall and the outfit! Nice pants! :)

  6. Heel leuk!! Zeker dat sjaaltje in je haar is een leuk detail!

  7. Leuke outfit, die bandana staat je leuk!

  8. Mooie outfit! Dat shirtje is leuk :)

  9. I really like the red lipstick on you. The striped shirt is super cute.


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