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August 03, 2013
A couple of weeks (or it might be even months) ago, I participated in a book swap. We got a random partner and had to get to know each other a bit for a few weeks. My partner was Kate of Another Clean Slate. Part of the swap were blog posts like this one. I have to be honest, I felt like I hadn't read enough to really get the 'assignments' right. Mainly because I tend to stick with my favorite genres. But at the end of it, we had to send each other a package. With a book, duh. This is where I show you what I sent and what I got.

What I received: Outlander book, bookmark, card, trolli candy. 
I had heard about the outlander book already but never really looked into it. I've read the first pages and the description and it does seem something I'd enjoy so I'm really happy with it. I loved what Kate said about the candy: "for a true bookworm", hah!

What I sent: Madame Verona comes down the hill book, stationery set, pencil, little notebook and crocheted coaster.
I really wanted to sent a book from a Belgian writer so I searched for translations and I thought this would be a good fix. I loved this book myself and Dimitri Verhulst is great. I got the idea to put together a personal stationery set from another swap a while ago, I've done it twice already!

What are some of your favorite books? I'm currently reading the uglies series.

(PS: I'm totally back now! I arrived Monday but I suffered from a terrible case of jetlag ;) Plus, I started my summer job on Thursday as well. I feel like I'm finally settled again, such a weird feeling to have after only being gone for two weeks! Anyway, expect lots of posts soon and two shoplogs!)


  1. Oh dat is echt wel een leuk concept die book swap! Ik ben momenteel bezig in het tweede deel van de Millenium trilogie, zó verslavend!!

  2. Geweldig idee voor een boek swap :) ik lees momenteel 'The Life of Pi', ik wil écht eens een boek lezen voor ik een verfilming kijk. Want bij Game Of Thrones heb ik eerst de serie gezien en heb mij met veel moeite door dat eerste boek geworsteld omdat ik al alles wist wat er gebeurde (maar toch nothing beats a book)

  3. Heeel tof wat ge van uw pakketje hebt gemaakt! Ik lees momenteel even niks, maar ga morgen naar de bieb voor een paar nieuwe boeken om mijn tanden in te zetten! Ik vond Mevrouw Verona ook een fijn boek :)


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