August 29, 2013
orange is the new black series

Reading: I started reading the uglies series on my holiday and I'm at the fourth book now: extras. I've been really enjoying the series so far and it's no different with this book. I've noticed myself tending towards sciencefiction novels lately. Well, not sciencefiction in the sense of aliens all around but just about societies in the futures. Okay and yes, some aliens too. You know what I mean? Even the Hungergames is sf in a sense because it's in the future, no? Or how do you call this kind of genre? I'm thinking of Hungergames, Uglies, I am Number Four, ... Any ideas?

Watching: Orange is the new Black. The most hyped series at the moment I think but boy, is this worth it. We don't have Netflix so I'm kind of obligated to download it but well, you've got to do what you've got to do! I really love it and I keep watching several episodes in a row. I have a few left and I'm already dreading the moment I'm done actually. I was a little apprehensive about Laura Prepon, the actrice that played Donna in That 70's show and Jason Biggs, the guy from American Pie but it's pretty easy to separate these characters from the ones they played before. My favorite character is definitely Claudette. Do you watch it? Let me know your favorite character!

Looking forward to: A trip to Primark, short and simple haha. About three times a year I go to Primark to stock up on some basics and other things I need for the upcoming season. This time I'm primarily going for sweaters and maybe some boots. Oh and I saw they have onesies so I think I'm definitely going to buy one of those haha. I also buy a lot of jewelry there. I'll probably show you what I bought!

Dreaming of: Living together with my boyfriend. I really wanted to live together this year but he doesn't have the money and his parents won't pay. Maybe next year though, I sincerely hope so. I decided not to stay in a dorm room this year, I'm just going to take the train each day but I really hope we can rent a little studio together next year. Ofcourse, when you study instead of work, you're depending on your parents to pay so you can't exactly do what you want. I'm sure we'll figure it though. And if it's not next year, it's the year after that. The only flaw in this plan is, that I practically can't wait haha.

Anxious for: The new schoolyear. I'm starting a whole new course this year and even though I can't wait, I'm a bit afraid as well. I didn't like what I chose to study last year and I'm so afraid this will happen again. I'm going to study a language course, focused on English and German and I am really excited about it but still there's this feeling I'm not going to like it too. Ofcourse, I don't know yet so I shouldn't be stressing out but what if, you know? I can't change a second time! But I'll probably know right away. I followed two or three lessons last year too, just to know what to expect and it seems like something I'm going to like a lot but you never know. I sincerely hope this will be it for me. What do you study? Are you happy with your choice?


  1. To answer your first question, the books you mention are more on the Dystopian side than SF. :) It's what this particular genre is called (I'm currently translating one!).

    Good luck on starting a new school year, Dorien! I'm sure it'll turn out great. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Charlotte //

  2. Ik ga dus echt eens die orange is the new black uit-checken! En spannend dat je gaat veranderen van richting, is dat dan in Gent dat je studeert? Ik studeer ook talen! :)

  3. Primark is definitely one of the things I miss about living in Europe... Wahh!

    Orange is the New Black is SO addictive. My girlfriend and I just started watching it and we're hooked! Crazy Eyes is pretty hysterical.

  4. Hejhej! Ik heb je genomineerd voor een Liebster Award op mijn blog. Daarvoor moet je dus een paar vraagjes beantwoorden als je daar zin in hebt :) Kijk maar op mijn blog voor de post! xo


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